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Democratic Party Women attempt to put “more women in the legislature” by trying to defeat — women legislators?

The feckless Democratic Party of Tennessee unveiled its glaring irrelevance in the Tennessee political landscape with their latest hair-brain scheme to defeat Republicans and put “more women in the legislature.” Since their plans include defeating at least five sitting women legislators, if they defeat all five, they will have increased the percentage of women in the legislature by exactly — zero.

This pathetic “gender-centric” idea is what has become of a party bankrupt of ideas on how to sell their crappy liberal agenda to voters in a state that has so thoroughly rejected their philosophy. And where are the “men” in the Democratic Party? Oh, that’s right – they have all been politically neutered by political correctness (“Welcome to the Democratic Party, sir. Please remove you genitals and deposit them in the box by the door. Oh, and no mansplaining or manspreading, please. ‘Why,’ you ask? Because — Sisterhood!”).

Rhymes with “Tuck”


What the …..

But the funniest part of their Grand Plan is the name of their group: Women for Tennessee’s Future, or “WTF.”

Yep, you heard that right — the liberal feminist legislative wannabees launched their campaign with a common internet acronym ladened with sexual innuendo. To make matters worse, Tennessean reporter Dave Boucher said the plan “could have some legs.” See, that’s the very kind of misogynistic terminology these gals are trying to overcome. Shame on you, Dave.

IOHO, you have to admit, this plan to throw unsuspecting, unprepared leftist candidates to the wolves sounds like what would come out of a college BS session after an all-night marathon of watching Norma Rae. What’s next? Maybe a new feminist sorority called Sigma Delta Theta — or in Internet shorthand: “The STDs?”  WTF, indeed.

See kids, this is what happens when you mix Red Bull and weed…..

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