Meet the Moles

Trojan Horse Delegates are Gay and Gross.

In an unethical and fraudulent abuse of power, the TN GOP establishment and their allies on the state executive committee loaded up the at-large delegates and alternates to the national convention with establishment quislings who could be counted on to follow orders and do the establishment’s bidding on procedural and 2nd and 3rd ballot votes for the presidential nomination.

It doesn’t matter who you support for president, but to place phony “Trojan Horse” delegates and pretend with a straight face that they will not do everything they can to hinder the nominations of Cruz and Trump is nothing more than electoral theft.

So just who these frauds? We thought our readers would appreciate a short background on four of them:


GayMelissa Clark Gay

Well-known RINO. Got a slot to the convention as a Trump delegate, even though she came in 11th when she ran as a Rubio delegate in the 6th District in the March presidential primary. Has used her social media to openly criticize the candidate she is not assigned to represent – Donald Trump.

devaneyChris Devaney

Former state GOP chairman. Nothing says Establishment like the guy who was picked to run the party by the establishment. Counting on Devaney to stick with Cruz at the convention is like counting on Bill Haslam to turn into a consistent conservative. Ain’t gonna happen.

susan richardson WilliamsSusan Richardson Williams

Perhaps no other individual in the Volunteer state is as establishment as Susan. She is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Haslam combine. She ran as a Bush delegate in the primary (meaning, she lost) and now she is an alternate loyal to Ted Cruz. Yeah, right.

GrossKen Gross

State Executive Committeeman who also took to the internet to let everyone know how much he dislikes the man he is now “sworn” to vote for – Trump. Gross was a delegate to the 2012 National Convention where he voted for the rules that include Rule 40(b). Give Ken a call and ask if he intends to vote for it again this year. Ken’s phone number is (865) 777-1385. Was it wrong for us to give out that number? Beats us. Ask Ryan Haynes….

If you believe these people will be completely reliable supporters for the people they are supposed to represent in Cleveland, then you probably believe the Cleveland Browns are going to win the Super Bowl next year.

UPDATE on the Missing SEC members

No sooner than RTP blew the whistle on the state party hacks for taking down the list of state executive committee members’ contact information before last Saturday’s meeting, the Kiddie Korps down at party HQs miraculously restored the information to their website yesterday.

Funny how that happened, ain’t it?

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