Day of Shame

The arrogant contempt Tennessee Republican party establishment leaders have for the voters was on full display Saturday. The whole country watched as Ryan Haynes ham-handedly screwed candidates he did not like and placed “Trojan horse” delegates to represent Trump and Cruz against the vociferous opposition of those two camps. The event was so corrupt it even drew the attention of the national media, including NBC and CBS. Other outlets such as Breitbart, Real Clear Politics, the Washington Post and others turned their attention on the dishonest fiasco created by Haynes and his handlers. Google News listed 8,419 articles talking about what Haynes did.

In a nutshell, here’s what happened:

Cruz, Trump and Rubio all three earned delegates in the March 1st primary. Some delegates’ names were on the ballot and were elected that way. Another 14 delegates – all of which were assigned to the three candidates according to their percentage of votes received – were to be named by the state executive committee, chaired by Haynes.

Trump and Cruz submitted the names of individuals they trusted to fill those spots. Haynes & Co. said “screw you” and presented one slate (and one slate only) consisting of many hand-picked cronies of Haynes and the establishment.

When the Trump and Cruz camps protested, they were summarily rejected with pious and weasel-worded pronouncements from Haynes and his staff that boiled down to them saying they would do whatever they damned-well pleased.

The results created some delegate and alternate assignments that bordered on the perverse and  farcical. Selected individuals who had openly supported other candidates, including some who had attacked Trump and/or Cruz on social media and elsewhere, were assigned to represent Trump and Cruz at the national convention. One SEC member who ran as a Rubio delegate in the primary but came in eleventh in her Congressional district, was named a Trump delegate. (See “Meet the Moles” in tomorrow’s Rocky Top).

Former Rep. Jim Cobb posed a very good, direct question to Haynes: “How did you select this slate of candidates? What criteria did you use?” Haynes immediately went into hyperspin mumbling vague rationales about party loyalty, party position, etc. that he appeared to have pulled straight out of his rear on the spot. He never came close to adequately answering Cobb’s question.

Having been confronted, Haynes then tried to play the victim card, whining that someone in the Trump camp had given out his cell phone number and that now he had to get a new phone. Oh, and for good measure, he claimed that he had received death threats.

To this, RTP says: “Bullcrap.”

First off, somewhere north of 1,000 people had Haynes’ cell phone number. Hell, every member of the Rocky Top crew had Haynes’ cell number. So every time young Ryan gets a new cell phone number and we find out what it is, we intend to publish it. Just what the Republican party needs – a chairman with an unlisted phone number.

And as for the death threats, how about you show us the police report you filled out, Ryan? Oh, wait, you didn’t report it? If you didn’t, that would make you, well, a liar and/or stupid. Claiming death threats are the oldest tactics used by the left. Remember when the Democratic Congressional Black Caucus claimed people called them the “N-word” and sent death threats because of their support of Obamacare? Yeah, the video proved it never happened and they were proven as liars. We’re betting that Ryan did the same thing.

State GOP Staff

State GOP Staff

Even Haynes’ minions on the state party staff issued comments dripping with partisanship and disdain for other candidates. This from party Exec. Director Brent Leatherwood:

“Leatherwood suggested the Trump’s [sic] complaints were a sign of the candidate’s struggles to lock down the nomination.

“If I’ve got a campaign fretting about that, then it’s a campaign that may understand it’s not going to be the nominee,” Leatherwood said.

All but one of the RTP crew have been or are currently for someone other than Trump (the lone Trumpster is Mrs. Hot Chick). So we say this with all the objectivity, love and understanding we can muster: Stick it where the sun don’t shine, Brently, ol’ buddy. As a paid party staff member you are supposed to refrain from taking sides and to keep your snide condescension to yourself. What an ass.

And while we are at it, let’s talk about an odd (?) occurrence involving the state party’s website over the weekend. Just as attention on the executive committee started to heat up over the delegate theft, the names, photos and phone numbers of all the executive committee members suddenly disappeared from the website. Can’t have any of the pretentious potentates who were in on the heist being called by people who recognize larceny when they see it, now can we?

The names of the executive committee members were removed before Saturday’s debacle, and as of this posting they still have not been restored. All other links and pages on the website appear to work just fine. Just how obvious do the morons running the party think they are when they pull bush-league stunts such as this one?

Cowards and thieves. A fine description of what passes for the Tennessee Republican Party today.

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