SEC Chaos!


Public Process Turns Into Secret, Closed Meeting as Haynes and Party Insiders Move to Steal Delegates from Trump, Cruz.

The GOP State Executive Committee is picking delegates to the national convention right now and the stink of what they are doing is seeping out from behind the closed doors of their meeting.

A Tennessean report this morning highlighted Trump operatives complaining that Chairman Ryan Haynes and other party insiders were going to try to replace Trump loyalists such as Sen. Bill Ketron with party hacks and hangers-on.

Now it is happening. The SEC is at this moment taking steps to make sure delegate slots earned by Trump and Cruz in the primary are actually filled with “Trojan Horse” delegates who will do the establishment’s bidding when it comes to such things as rules votes (where no one is bound to vote one way or the other) as well as votes on second and third ballot to decide the nominee for president.

Make no mistake – they are stealing delegate slots as we speak. Just how corrupt do you have to be to try and overturn the wishes of hundreds of thousands of Tennessee Republican primary voters?

Just ask Ryan Haynes. He knows. That’s why he locked the doors so no one can see them do it.







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