Another Milestone for Rocky Top

1/3 Million Views.

We clean forgot about the recent 2-year anniversary of the creation of “The Blog No One Reads” (but that everyone can seem to quote). Yes, it was way back in March 17th 2014 that our stinking little bag of flaming truth hit the political front porches of the previously-insular politico bigwigs of the Volunteer state.

Since then, over 330,000 people have tuned in to our irresponsible and sometimes incoherent diatribes, lapping up our revelations, rumors, analyses and snarky commentaries. There is obviously no accounting for good taste or good judgement.

cakeSo the crew at RTP organized a belated celebration of our longevity down at Swett’s in Nashville last week, complete with a little cake and everything. It even gave us a chance to meet the new hubby of the Hot Chick – one of our most valued crew members. It was noted that since the Hot Chick is now married for the sake of decorum and political correctness we should stop referring to her as “The Hot Chick.” We agreed.

She will now be known as Mrs. Hot Chick.

Then we all retired to a bar to get drunk.

It’s what we do.

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