10:30am showdown today in House State Government committee

All eyes on Lamberth, Sanderson and Todd

About one hour after this posting the House State Government committee will meet.  On their agenda this morning is the Refugee Resettlement lawsuit resolution that has already passed out of the Senate 27-5.  Over 70 members of the House have signed their names in support of the resolution carried in the House by Rep. Terry Lynn Weaver, including all but one of the House GOP caucus members (Rep. Bob Ramsey — who is “coincidentally” the chairman of the State Government Committee).

The stakes on this vote go far, far beyond the laudable merits of the resolution.   Simply put, will a committee of just ten people thwart the public will of the huge majority of House members who want the opportunity to vote on the floor on this resolution?  More specifically, will just three swing votes (Sanderson, Todd and Lamberth) be the deciding vote?

  • Will Sanderson get weak-kneed like he reportedly did in the State subcommitte?
  • Will Lamberth suddenly realize he has to leave right before the vote because, as he did last week, suddenly discover he is “needed next door to form a quorum” or some other excuse?
  • Will Curry Todd try to amend the resolution to protect liquor store owners? (okay, we’re just kidding about that last one.  We think.)

And what about the Speaker’s ability to break a tie if that happens in committee.  Will she do it?  She had better…

Tune in and watch the drama.  If this resolution fails in committee, look for all hell to break loose.  If that happens, there will be political casualties everywhere, beginning with the GOP caucus’ confidence in the Speaker’s leadership

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