Congressman from Lagos or Pacific Palisades? Take your pick.

DesJarlais to face two opponents who were born and raised in foreign lands.

yomi 2


Dr. Oluyomi “Yomi” Faparusi announced he is running for Congress in the 4th District. You may remember Yomi from the 2012 race when got a whopping 284 votes, but in so doing became Sen. Jim Tracy’s eternal enemy by scooping up votes that could have gone to Tracy, who lost to Scott DesJarlais by only 36 votes.

Faparusi is a highly educated and accomplished individual who, based on his resume, probably deserved a better showing than he received in 2012. But it is doubtful he can relate to the fine folks in the 4th District, who probably can’t figure out how growing up in Nigeria is relevant to the concerns of Tennessee voters.



But to be fair, it would be no less difficult for someone from Fayetteville or Dunlap to relate to that other “foreigner” in the 4th District race – Grant Starrett – who was born and raised in Pacific Palisades and graduated from college in California and who moved into the district a few months ago.

To the voters of the 4th District, the “Left Coast State of Fruits & Nuts” is every bit as foreign as Nigeria.



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