No Expiration Date On Greed.

Rep. Curry “Armed and Loaded” Todd and his lobbyist buddy, David McMahan, are at it again.

Having lost their first attempt at rigging the free market to protect liquor stores by sneaking in an amendment to the Wine in Groceries law, they are now pushing for reconsideration of the bill that Todd pulled when he lost a key committee vote a couple of weeks ago.

Rep. Todd – who was arrested for driving while drunk and carrying a loaded weapon while drunk – is bellying up to the bar for his lobbyist buddy once again trying to rig the system in favor of liquor stores.

Is it just us, or does anyone else see the putrid ethics with such a collaboration?

This new attempt will take 12 votes to pass the committee. That means Todd and McMahan will need to hold all their original nine votes and come up with another three. But will every one of those original votes stick with the Dynamic Duo? Specifically, will Reps. Charles Sargent and Gary Hicks – both who are facing serious primaries – risk losing their election by voting for the Todd amendment?

Hicks has never been actually elected (having been appointed to fill the seat after Mike Harrison resigned) so he’ll be facing voters for the first time. You can see the ad in the primary now:

Narrator: “Before he even cast his first vote as an appointed legislator, Gary Hicks took a $500 contribution from a liquor lobbyist, then voted against free-enterprise competition to protect liquor store owners. And now he wants us to elect him to a full term? Why — does he need more liquor money?”

Yep, after being appointed to his position, Hicks accepted a $500 check from McMahan before he even cast his first vote as a legislator.  Somebody needs to check that boy’s priorities.

Sargent nearly lost his race two years ago after some inconsiderate jerks revealed his campaign was being run by the wife of a lobbyist. (Oh, wait. That’s right. WE were the jerks who revealed his campaign manager was the wife of a lobbyist). Sucking up to a liquor lobbyist and an odiferous sweetheart deal doesn’t seem like very smart “strategery” for your re-election, Chuckles.


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