Trumped Up.

On Tuesday Californian Grant Starrett, running in the 4th District for Congress, finally got to vote in the 4th District for the very first time.

Until Tuesday, Grant hadn’t lived in Tennessee’s 4th Congressional district long enough to actually vote in an election.

Congratulations, Grant! Did you have any problems finding your polling place?  Hope not.

But before you unpack your carpetbag and surfboard, dude, a word of caution.

You know that whole strategy thing on how you were going to run for Congress to the right of Scott DesJarlais? But then DesJarlais became the first Tennessee congressman to endorse Donald Trump? And then Trump turned out to be wildly popular in the 4th District? Yeah, you’re going to need a new strategy there, Champ.

Trump won the 4th Congressional district by nearly 50%, running in some 4th District counties as much as 17% ahead of his statewide totals. Grant’s candidate won by – oh wait, that’s right – Grant refused to endorse anyone. Hell, son even Bill Haslam, that paragon of political courage, endorsed Rubio (which Marco found about as useful as mud flaps on a turtle).

Hard to say, but we here at RTP think that siding with a candidate who is wildly popular among Republicans in your district just might be a good thing when those same Republicans show back up in the August primary to vote again for Congress. When they do, they will have a clear choice: Des Jarlais, who endorsed the person they voted for for President — or you,  someone who ducked taking a position and sat on the sidelines.

Of course if Grant was actually from here, he might have figured that out. But guess they don’t teach Tennessee politics at Stanford.

Score a big one for Des Jarlais over the boy from Pacific Palisades.

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