Idiot of the Week: Wayne “The Worm” Miller

Everyone from DOE head Candice “Butterfly” McQueen to (Mis)Measurement Inc were ducking for cover over the TNReady debacle yesterday.  But one individual’s pronouncement really stood out as particularly problematic:

“‘Any time there’s a glitch in test administration — because there’s such high stakes — that’s worrisome,’ said Wayne Miller, executive director of the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents.”

Well, Duh!  Ya think, Wayne?

But despite the insipid nature of the quote from Miller, that was not the worst part.  For you see, dear readers, Wayne conveniently failed to mention — and the reporter neglected to notice — one itsy-bitsy fact.  Wayne’sCagle photo organization (TOSS) was founded by Chuck Cagle, who is TOSS’ long-time lobbyist and who hired Wayne to his current job.  And Cash Cow Chuck is also the lobbyist for Measurement INC — the incompetent doofuses who caused the the TNReady crash and who paid Cagle big bucks to help them get their $108 million state contract and represent them in the legislature.

Kinda takes Wayne’s credibility and smashes it to all to hell, doesn’t it?

And let’s not forget that Wayne and Chuck have refused to address questions about how their “Supervisor of the Year” and fellow board member Martin Ringstaff got caught texting photos of his junk to another man’s wife and was fired less than a week ago.  All Wayne did was take his name off of TOSS’ website.  Yeah, that makes it all better, Wayne.

And for all this, RTP names Wayne “The Worm” Miller:

Miller Wayne


(Note to Wayne:  You can pick up your certificate in John Forgety’s office.)






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