Finally – a sexting scandal that DOESN’T involve Jeremy Durham.

TOSS Board Member gets caught taking photos of his member and texting them ala Anthony Weiner.

As “Cash Cow” Chuck Cagle gathers his Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS) together for a $15,000 reception at the Hermitage tonight, attendees may want to ask Chuck if the TOSS 2015 “Superintendent of the Year” and TOSS board member, Martin Ringstaff, plans to attend the soiree.

Ringstaff’s appearance is decidedly doubtful, since he has been quite the subject of conversation down in Bradley County, where he is the head of Cleveland city schools.  It seems Ringstiff, er, Ringstaff got caught with his pants down — literally.

Ringstaff was apparently having a torrid affair with another man’s wife, sexting graphic sexual messages back in forth with her.  He also allegedly sent a nude picture of himself holding his (uh, how can we put this) — his “junk.”

All this in the town that is home to the international headquarters of the Church of God.  Want to know how conservative Bradley County is?  Compared to Bradley, Williamson County is like San Francisco.

You can check out this link for more on the story.  The crew at Rocky Top have seen the texts and we were passing them around like kids in the 8th-grade boys bathroom before determining  they were NSFW.  Even RTP has certain standards below which we will not go (but which are apparently higher than those of lawyers like Chuck Cagle).  That said, we did decide to publish the photo of Ringstaff’s privates (below):

Cagle photo

Nah, that’s just a photo of Chuck Cagle — but trust us, the resemblance is remarkable.

All this is all the more problematic for Cagle and TOSS, since they have repeatedly trotted out Ringstaff as the very epitome of education administrative excellence.

No word from the Hermitage whether Ringstaff was in charge of this evening’s entertainment.  If you do go to the TOSS reception, you might want to take some Handi-wipes or something.

And stay away from the weiners.



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