Nothing to Jim Crow about.

Senator gives TEA’s Jim Wrye a major comeuppance.

The greasy tables in the LP cafeteria were buzzing today with word that TEA lobbyist, Jim Wrye, crossed way over a forbidden line and was slapped down by a respected member of the Black Caucus.

Thelma HarperAfter the devastating vote on banning paycheck dues deductions for labor unions on the Senate floor earlier this week, Wrye apparently stormed into the office of the always impeccably attired Sen. Thelma Harper and proceeded to read her the riot act on her vote. Harper, along with Sen. Reginald Tate voted with the Republicans to stop the practice where teachers have dues for the TEA taken out of their paychecks automatically. Those dues are then spent on politicians, lobbyists and big salaries for TEA staff. For the first several decades of its existence, almost 100% of the money contributed to politicians went to Democrats. In the last couple of years, in an attempt to buy his and TEA’s relevancy with the GOP controlled legislature, Wrye began giving more money to Republicans. As the Tennessee Watchdog discovered, a lot of the new “GOP” money was diverted from the campaign coffers of the TEA’s long-time and most loyal ally, the Democratic Black Caucus.

According to the prevalent rumor, Wrye not-so-gently told Sen. Harper that the TEA had played a huge role in her political success and that Harper “owed us (the TEA)” big-time.

Not understandably, Sen Harper took offense and politely told Wrye to: “Get your skinny [CENSORED] ass out of my office.”

To that, RTP can only say: “You go, girl!”

Yep, those moving vans are headed to your house as we speak, Jimbo. We hear the Alaska Education Association is advertising for a new Director of Eskimo Outreach. Maybe you should check it out.

Dress warm. igloo

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