Jim Crows come home to roost for Wrye.


Paybacks Are Hell.

2 of 3 Black Senators Vote Against  TEA.

With the butt-whippin’ he received on the Senate floor yesterday, TEA lobbyist Jim Wrye is likely polishing his resume for his next job. Between the elimination of union dues deductions and the passage of a voucher program, the (dwindling) TEA membership must be questioning why or if they can afford to keep Wrye on the payroll.

Just about a year ago Rocky Top predicted exactly what would happen after Wrye decided to go the Full Monty and start desperately funneling money to Republicans and hosing the Black Caucus in the process.  Here’s an excerpt of that post:

“Poor Jim. He’s not a Republican – never will be — and he just screwed his oldest friends. In his rush to purchase credibility with the Republican-controlled legislature, he threw his friends overboard. The end result will be that neither side will be able to trust him going forward.

Unions like TEA automatically withhold dues from their members which end up as political contributions dispersed by people like Wrye. After this debacle, it will be interesting to see when (not if) legislation is introduced to end the practice. And when it happens, will members of the Black Caucus vote with the Republicans to end the dues shakedown? Don’t laugh. The current system is being used against them. Could you blame them?”

[Editor’s note: After reading our post from back last March, you are probably asking yourselves: “Is RTP really that smart?” You’re damn right we are.]

Neither vouchers nor the ban on due deductions have passed both houses of the legislature – yet. If they do, there’ll be more moving vans sent to Wrye’s house than an SEC football head coach with a 1-10 record.

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