Vouchers’ Most Important Advocates

If Vouchers Pass, These Two Deserve All The Credit:

Jim Wrye


Chris Brooks










Jim Wrye is the garrulous yellow dog Democrat who heads up the lobbying effort for the Tennessee Education Association (TEA). The disheveled gentleman next to him is Chris Brooks, the socialist “community organizer” who specializes in harassing legislators, defiling the Pledge of Allegiance and coordinating Black Lives Matter-style political attacks on police officers in Chattanooga.

Wrye hired Brooks, who is paid out of funds from the radical left-wing National Education Association (NEA). Brook’s sole purpose seems to be seeing how many people in the legislature and local government he can offend while spewing his vitriolic Marxist canards. He is generally considered more of an irritant (in the “village idiot” sense of the word) than an actual threat to those he opposes Still, his antics have done a great deal to poison the well with the Republicans in the state legislature.

RTP has written about Jim Wrye many times in these pages. We have done so out of our team’s desire to educate legislators about the political dark side of Wrye’s back-slapping, campaign contribution check-writing attempts to regain influence in a body dominated by the very Republican Wrye spent his entire career trying to defeat.


Wrye and the TEA are desperate to defeat voucher legislation in this year’s assembly. Wrye’s angst is particularly acute. You see, the TEA has lost a bigger percentage of their membership than 45 other states’ teachers unions. Continuation in his current job likely depends on his showing something – anything – to show his bosses that he is worth his salary.

But Wrye’s desperation has turned downright stupid/ugly in recent days. RTP’s loyal tipsters (www.RTPtipline@gmail.com) inform us that Wrye is openly threatening members of finance committees with campaign mailers tying members to “Muslim schools” if they vote for vouchers. He means it. This is the exact same tactic he employed in an attempt to save former Rep. “Coach” Roach from defeat last election and an attempt to defeat Rep. John Ragan. In both cases, Wrye’s tactics failed, but “if at first you don’t succeed, suck until you do succeed.” Right, Jim?

Maybe that’s why yet another tipster tells us the TEA has been trying to recruit Rep. David Byrd to primary Education Chairman Sen. Delores Gresham.  Sma-a-a-rt move, there, Jimbo.

We suggest the Finance Committees open every meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Hey, maybe they could get Chris Brooks to lead the Pledge.

Maybe then, Jim will fire his sorry butt.

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