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Haslam agenda? What Haslam agenda?

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Picture this: You are walking down the middle of State Street in Bristol, headed west, with your trusty Glock holstered over your left shoulder, under your jacket. According to the very liberal attorney general of Virginia, are you legal or not? If you turn around and retrace your steps heading to the east, are you legal or illegal?  The distinction is important:  If you are headed west on State St., your gun is in Tennessee.  If you head east, your gun is in Virginia.

Silly question?  Not at all.  Virginia AG Mark Herring, a liberal anti-2nd Amended activist, recently made national headlines by revoking concealed carry reciprocity with over 20 states, including Tennessee. That means if you have a legal conceal permit in Tennessee and you and you gun venture into the Old Dominion, you will be subject to arrest.

Lt. Gov./Speaker Ron Ramsey has put Herring on notice: Keep acting like a jackass and the good citizens of Virginia are going to be in trouble once they pass the welcome station on I-81 headed south. He has promised he will address the Virginia early and forcefully in this year’s General Assembly session.

Ramsey’s spirited defense of Tennesseans’ 2nd Amendment rights is but one example of his taking the political agenda of the state away from the hapless Bill Haslam.

It is increasingly difficult to identify one major initiative proposed or considered by Haslam that has not been or will be rejected by the Tennessee legislature in this session. Remember InsureTN?  Yeah, Ramsey said that ain’t gonna 1349804867-ramseyhappen. How about a new gas tax in 2016? The scion of Pilot Oil is so impotent, he said last week that he was not going to propose it, despite spending thousands in statewide tours trying to gin up support for it. Apparently Haslam was the last to get the memo. Ramsey had already publicly stated any administration gas tax bill would be D.O.A.

Maybe Ramsey should pass legislation that requires Virginia Tech to spot UT a touchdown before the big game this fall.  Now that’s reciprocity even AG Herring can understand.

So the new question is: If you are Bill Haslam, and you are walking down State St. or any other street in the Volunteer state, is there any direction you can walk to avoid having Ramsey kick you in the butt?







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