Why does this man still have a job?

No, RTP is not talking about Rep. Jeremy Durham.  His fate will (or will not) be addressed Tuesday morning. But while reporters for the Tennessean and the Nashville Scene are lined up tonight, huddled around campfires and camping outside the Capitol doors like a bunch of Occupy Wall Street bums, we offer a little entertainment.

It was way back in 2015 (early December, to be exact) and the idiotic UTK political correctness war on Christmas was in full swing. At the center of it all was this man – “diversity” honcho Rickey Hall:


Tap on the Wrist for Diversity Czar

The ensuing outrage that came from the legislature was led by none other than Lt. Gov. and Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey:

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said if UT-Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek approved the post, he should resign. If not, Ramsey said, “the entire staff of the Office for Diversity and Inclusion should be dismissed.”

“If the University of Tennessee cannot keep its house in order the General Assembly must shift funding to the University of Memphis, ETSU or other institutions of higher learning that don’t embarrass us nationally on a regular basis,” Ramsey said.

Over the Christmas Break (known at UT as the “Secular Mid-winter Interlude for LGBTQs and Other Non-white People”) one of our intrepid RTP tipsters came to us with the info that UT lobbyist Anthony Haynes was overheard at a “holiday” function saying that Ramsey’s bloviating would make no difference. Once everything calmed down, everyone would keep their jobs, Haynes was reported to have boasted. Well the new semester starts this week and Jimmy Cheek and Rickey Hall are still drawing a salary and spending taxpayer money on making sure the precious little snowflakes at UT are protected from both gender-based pronouns and the cogitation of any original or rational thought.

He's got Ramsey under control ...

He’s got Ramsey under control …

So was Haynes correct in asserting Ramsey was full of crap?  Will no one lose their job?  To add insult to injury Haynes is a Democrat who spent eight years in the Clinton Administration in Washington. Brave words from a man who spent the majority of his career hating Republicans.

When Haynes makes his obligatory visit to Speaker Ramsey to start the new session, the biggest question is who will be the “pitcher” and who will be the “catcher” in that encounter. If anyone wants to read anything politically incorrect into that description, they are welcome to do so.

For the crew at RTP, we bet it will be Haynes who will be walking funny after that meeting.


Helpful Bonus Feature from RTP

Where we post a periodic running reminder that the political correctness police at UTK are still spending millions of our money telling us how to think, act and educate our kids:

Day #38: Rickey Hall still on the taxpayer payroll.




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