Tone Deaf.

You can take the boy out of Beverly Hills, but you can’t take the Beverly Hills out of the boy.

Now that Rocky Top has emerged from our “long winter’s nap” (induced by copious amount of Egg Nog and Jack Daniels) we were pleased to find that the Jolly Old Elf had left us one last Christmas present.

Fresh from his Christmas card debacle that managed to mention himself seven times but not word one about our Lord and savior, our favorite Californian running for office in Tennessee has shown his inability to relate to actual Tennesseans was not limited to greeting cards.   Grant Starrett has just sent out a fundraising email saying, among other things, that he was hoping for bowl victories for Tennessee and Stanford.


You can forgive the good citizens of Tennessee’s 4th congressional district if they were a mite confused over why someone – anyone – sitting in Rocky Top Territory would be rooting for an expensive private college in California.  If Grant felt compelled to root for an elitist, over-priced, snob-infested institution of higher learning, we have one right here — Vanderbilt.  Of course, now that it appears the universe has self-corrected and Tennessee is re-emerging as a national power, we assume the “new normal” will be the same as the “old normal” and that Vanderbilt will only get to go to a bowl game once very two decades or so.  Alas.

RTP stands ready to clear up the confusion. You see, young Grant spent about 80% of his young life in La-La Land (California) before deciding to carpetbag into Tennessee and run for Congress on money primarily provided by Mummy and Poppy and their southern California Hollywood friends. Before leaving the Sunshine state, he matriculated (not as dirty as it sounds) at Stanford.

Grant has tried to ingratiate himself into what for him is the foreign culture of Tennessee, but with little success. Maybe one of the reasons he has failed to do so is because he keeps coming up with genius moves like this:

Starrett plate

Yep, that’s actually Starrett’s campaign car.  In our opinion, nothing says solidarity with the good folks of Tennessee like driving a car with a Stanford license plate. We so look forward to what happens to Grant the day he rolls into Knoxville with a “Roll Tide” sticker on his Prius.

All this makes us wonder who Grant would pull for if it was MTSU vs. UT in a bowl game.  Even better, what if Tennessee plays Stanford in a bowl game next year (an actual possibility)?  Do you think Grant-baby would cheer for the Big Orange?

Yeah, neither do we.


UDATE: In his ill-advised email on Dec. 30th, Starrett said he was “$4,957 away from hitting a big number” before the next campaign financial disclosure deadline. We are assuming he was talking about the $1 million mark. Since Starrett has raised the overwhelming majority of his money from California and states outside of Tennessee, RTP suggests he set another milestone: Let us know when you raise more than just 5% of your money from inside the district you seek to buy uh, represent.

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