‘Tis the Reason for the Season?

We just received this bulk mail pre-sort Christmas card (or as they say at UTK – “Happy Holidays secular greetings card”) from Californian Grant Starrett. Maybe they do things differently in Pacific Palisades (where Grant is from) than they do here in Tennessee, but seriously? Take a look:

grant card 1

grant card 2From this card you would think that Christmas is all about Grant, who until recently was from Southern California (but is now running for Congress in Tennessee – go figure). No mention of the wife (he’s never been married) or the kids (he has none). “Grant” appears seven times on the card, but nary a mention of the Baby Jesus.

We were hoping for maybe a manger scene, but instead got a toothy photo of Grant. The crew here at RTP knows that when we look for spiritual inspiration at Christmas time, we always check to see if the sender is a “Consistent Conservative.” Nothing like using Faith as a self-promoting device to further one’s political ambitions.

We can’t wait to see what he sends us for Easter.





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