Rickey, don’t lose that #number

Before coming to UT as the Vice Chancellor of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (now known as the Office of Perversity and Exclusion) Rickey Hall was a senior diversity official at the Univ. Of Minnesota. His “diversity” efforts were so successful there that he left Minnesota with a whopping 3.7% black student population out of a total of 68,047 students. On the main campus, it was 0.3%! All three of the African-American enrollees at Golden Gopher U. were undoubtedly appreciative or Mr. Rickey’s heroic efforts at diversity.

Wow, with that kind of success, along with Hall’s neuter pronouns edict and his department’s attack on Christmas, why the Knoxville campus should be just one big ol’ Klan rally by the time he leaves and/or is fired.Hall


klan edit 3




At post time, UTK spokesperson Karen Ann Simsen was unavailable for comment. Thank God.





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