Tap on the wrist for UTK Diversity Czar

After causing an international embarrassment for UT (check out this headline from the London Telegraph), the person in charge of the “Diversity and Inclusion” dictate on how to celebrate Christmas was not disciplined by school officials.

Chancellor Jimmy “Butt” Cheek did not cut the budget, salary or expense account of Diversity Moron Rickey Hall.Hall

[Editor’s note: Hall came to UT after working for the Univ. of Minnesota. Cheek named him Vice Chancellor for Diversity and offered him a $200,000+ salary nearly a year before Hall had even completed his PhD. Makes us wonder what was his thesis: “The Wit and Wisdom of Louis Farrakhan?”

[But despite taking nearly 20 years to complete his PhD, Hall was “obviously” qualified.]

Instead, Cheek said he “counseled” Hall and had assigned press flack Margie Nichols to review the website for any future stupid politically correct pronouncements. “Counseled” is just a euphemism for “let’s invent a punishment that has absolutely no practical effect and pretend we did something and hope everyone forgets about this over the Christmas holidays.”

What a pathetic excuse for leadership at the state’s flagship university.

Cheek apparently was concerned that any real discipline directed at Hall would result in a #BlackLivesMatter protest from their #BlackBureaucratsJobsMatter division. For his part, Hall referred to Cong. Jimmy Duncan’s concerns as “absolutely ridiculous” and recommended students who support Hall contact their state legislators to explain their concerns about not being coddled enough to suit their contrived grievances and imagined personal slights.

Yeah, that’ll work. I hear Speaker Ramsey and Senators Gresham and Bell are sitting in their offices, just waiting for the phone to ring.

Cheek may have “counseled” Rickey Hall, but it is Cheek who is about to get “schooled.”

UPDATE: Left out of the Cheek pronouncements was any mention of the communications idiot, Karen Ann Simsen, who personally accused Cong. Jimmy Duncan of “blowing the post out of proportion.” Denigrating the dean of the Tennessee Congressional delegation, who is a distinguished alumnus of UTK and whose sister is a state senator who is also a UTK grad, is hardly a good career move there, Simsen.

Ms. Simsen is also a former employee of Tom Ingram.

And that, of course, would explain everything.

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