What happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas

Just before Thanksgiving, our own Bill Haslam performed his swan song as the head of the Republican Governors Association (RGA).

But as you can see by the photo below, even billionaire governors need a little R&R. This photo was taken by an RTP tipster while Bill relaxed poolside in Vegas, where the RGA meeting was held. Bill doesn’t seem to have the “relaxing” part down too well. For most of us, poolside means sun tan lotion and a pina colada at our side. For Bill Haslam, it means trying to deflect the glare of the sun from his polished wing-tips. Ah, but as F. Scott Fitzgerald said: “The rich. They are very different from you and me.”

haslam pool

But awkward sunbathing fully dressed to the nines in a business suit wasn’t the most revealing aspect of Gov. Haslam’s appearance. No, as RTP tipsters revealed (and, yes, RTP IS everywhere), Haslam let his liberal slip show when he thought the yahoos back home in Tennessee wouldn’t read about it.

He was wrong. You are reading about it right now.

Here are some verbatim statements made by our less-than-conservative governor as he moderated a panel on the next to last day of the meeting:

“Politicians get in trouble when they don’t wear their own clothes — that is, when they try to be something they are not”.   

Yeah, sort of how you ran as a conservative, then governed as something else entirely.

“My experience in business taught me that people understand the word ‘free’ really well.” 

— Haslam referring to the Tennessee Promise program.

When a politician says something is “free,” that’s a guarantee that it is not actually, you know — free.  Condolences to all those poor lottery players who last money so that other people’s kids could go to community college.

“Our role is to provide those services that people can’t buy for themselves”.

Really? And here we thought the Republican philosophy of government was to provide and help create opportunity for people to help themselves – not hand them free stuff from the rubes who pay the taxes.

Is it any wonder he favors the takeover of the schools by the government through Common Core? Or that he favors the now twice-defeated expansion of Obamacare through InsureTN? Or that he wimped out on standing up to the feds over Syrian “refugees?” Or that he wants to raise gas taxes just as hard working Tennesseans are finally getting a well-deserved break from high fuel prices?

Sadly, no. It is no surprise.

Do us a favor, Governor. Next time you go to Vegas, please STAY in Vegas.

Added Bonus

Cate Vegas

Recognize this guy? Didn’t he leave the state’s payroll back in the summer? What was he doing in Vegas with the governor, hobnobbing with the political and business glitterati?

Oh, wait — that’$ a $illy que$tion.



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