Wimping out in…3…2…1…

Burka Bill edited 2


Well THAT didn’t take long.

Less than a week after Gov. Bill Haslam joined other governors by coming out with a strong statement protesting the Obama administration’s Syrian refugee policy, “Burka Bill” was walking it back.


Nov. 16, 2015:

“Today I’m asking the federal government to suspend placements in Tennessee until states can become more of a partner in the vetting process.”

And then, on Nov. 23, 2015:

Haslam Dances Around Whether State Should Let Syrian Refugees In

“I think again, I think again, I think yes, well, I shouldn’t have say this, that’s why I’m saying let us be a part of the vetting process.

“The more I learn about the vetting process, it is a pretty good process.”

Haslam’s original statement was a rather obvious reaction to the very strong positions first staked out by Speakers Ramsey and Harwell.  “Can’t let those mean old Speakers get ahead of me on this one — not after I screwed around after the radical Islamic killings in Chattanooga.”

What is it with this guy? Every time he takes a seemingly strong stance, he immediately starts to second-guess himself and watering it down. Makes one wonder how much personal agony he goes through when deciding something really important:  like what color tie he’s going to wear to work.

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