Wrye Takes Off The Mask


TEA goes after Delores Gresham with an axe. Attacks her opposition to Islamic-biased curriculum.

Actively shopping for a primary opponent against her in next election?

For a couple of years now, TEA lobbyist Jim Wrye has been trying to “re-define” his organization and himself in order to deal with the Republican super majorities in the legislature. Wrye re-directed some of the TEA’s campaign contributions away from the Black Caucus (heard from the Memphis TEA lately, Jim?) and towards the Republicans in the hopes that some of the GOP legislators would whore themselves out in exchange for large contributions from the previously 100% Democrat political slush fund. He has tried to generate a charm offensive, based on his gregarious black-slapping qualities. But with his latest actions, Wrye has turned his back-slapping into back-stabbing. What’s more, the rumor mill is abuzz that the TEA is actively trolling for a RINO Republican to take on Sen. Gresham next August.

Look at the recent lead article on TEA’s website called “An Islamic Controversy and Passing the Buck.” In an ill-timed diatribe, Wrye & Co. decided to go after Senate Education Committee Chairman Delores Gresham on the issue of Islamic indoctrination just as the Islamic terrorists were opening fire in Paris.  Incredibly, the TEA focuses on the controversy over the Islamic curriculum currently being taught to thousands of Tennessee middle schoolers. The union says that those who voice any opposition to the curriculum are really just attacking teachers.


RTP researchers have searched high and low for any attacks on teachers regarding the Islamic teachings. We have found none. There have been serious and hard legitimate questions to the education bureaucrats, school superintendents, school boards and the Haslam administration’s Education Commissioner, but nary a word criticizing the teachers.

Wrye also employs the typical weasel words favored by Alinskyites such as “assumption” and “insinuation” to try to justify his attack on Gresham. But he saved his most arrogant comments for the end:

“TEA has a long standing policy opposing legislative action on curriculum and standards.” said Wrye.

“Facts and knowledge is our business; faith is the purview of families only.

Wow. It will be news to the legislature that they have no right to oversee “curriculum and standards.”  And we stand amazed at the sheer arrogance of the statement “Facts and knowledge is our business.” Who the hell decided that only Jimbo and the TEA were the sole arbiters of “facts and knowledge”? What a putz.

Wrye knows his argument that this is an attack on teachers is nothing more than a straw man, and not a very good one at that. The teachers are only teaching what they are required to teach by the education bureaucrats and he knows it. For Wrye to allow the printing of such an easily provable lie is not only revealing but also brings the reason for the very existence of his organization into proper context.

Speaking of revealing…


Your Socialist Slip is Showing, Jim.

Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks


Largely lost, but not forgotten is Jim Wrye’s hiring of a wild-eyed socialist “community organizer” to his staff. We say “socialist” only because calling TEA staffer Chris Brooks a slimy little pinko communist might invade his “safe space” and invite the wrath of the Black Lives Matter crowd or even a visit from a carload of privileged little snots from the University of Missouri.

(Go Vols! Beat the crap out of the whiny liberals this Saturday.)

That TEA and Jim Wrye continue to employ and protect such a despicable person as Brooks is beyond understanding. Maybe when Brooks agrees to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance (something he repeatedly refuses to do in public meetings) we will relent from our ceaseless pillorying of this cretin and his boss.

Maybe. But probably not.


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