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RTP has a new website that our readers (both of you) should enjoy.  It comes to us via the Tennessee News Leader, a service provided by the ubiquitous Steve Gill.

It’s a slapped-together website about one of our favorite subjects, Grant Starrett and it’s hilarious.  If humor can be used as a knife, then the Starrett campaign should be prepared to bleed all over the floor.  Check it out:

They even take a couple of potshots at Scott DesJarlais, but the real focus appears to be Starrett, the young Californian now trying to unseat the incumbent congressman.

RTP has taken its shots at the young Mr. Starrett and we reserve the right to do so in the future, but we are glad to see someone else pick up some slack.

Word of advice to the kid(s) at We Hear Banjo Music:  don’t get too cocky.  Remember, the crew at RTP are still the Kings of Snark when it comes to Tennessee politics.  But feel free to plagiarize the crap out of anything you find on our site.  The more the merrier…..

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