A Snake in the Bluegrass

Buried in the Dean’s article in the KNS about Mark Cate’s new business venture was this little gem:

Cate last week was in Kentucky, helping that state’s new Republican governor-elect, Mark Bevin, organize gubernatorial administration transition efforts. Cate says that was at the request of the Republican Governors Association, which Haslam currently chairs, and done on a volunteer basis.

So let’s see if we got this straight. The new “Tea Party” governor of Kentucky, who ran against Obamacare, Common Core, Medicaid expansion, higher taxes, etc. is being advised by the person who tried to pass those failed policies in Tennessee. Is that about right?

Mark CateMark Cate spearheaded the effort to jam Medicaid expansion down taxpayer’s throats not once, but twice, and failed miserably. The Kentucky governor-elect is also taking transition advice from the main operative behind the effort to push Common Core into Tennessee schools. And let’s not forget about Cate’s role in going after conservative legislators of his own party in the debacle known as Advance Tennessee PAC.

Maybe Mr. Bevin felt he had no choice in taking on Cate as an advisor. After all, the RGA dumped a couple of million into his race at the last minute (after having pulled out some weeks before), and since Bill Haslam is the head of the RGA, and since Cate is Haslam’s closest political advisor, it sounds like the RINOs from Tennessee made Bevin “an offer he couldn’t refuse.”

Watch your back, Gov. Bevin. We’ve dealt with Cate and his cronies for years and we can tell you they are not at all what they seem. It will take St. Patrick and a lot of diligence to keep these snakes out of your state

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