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Idiot of the Week

The pro-Islamist curriculum folks might want to get another front man.

Robertson County School Director Mike Davis

Robertson County School Director Mike Davis

In a continuation of a public service that no one asked for, RTP brings you another “Idiot of the Week.”  Previously, it was the Roane County school superintendent for blindly following the questionable legal advice of Conflicted Cash Cow Chuck Cagle.  This week we travel to the mid-state to present yet another school director trying to protect Islam while denying parents full knowledge of what is being taught.

Robertson County Schools Director Mike Davis was one of the geniuses who signed on to Cagle’s letter, refusing to give the Center of Law and Justice access to the public school’s curriculum on Islam.  Well the whole Cagle thing now appears to have been primarily a new business solicitation scheme for Cagle, combined with the need for him to look like he’s doing something for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that school superintendents pay to his organization, the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS).  Cagle’s steel-trap legal mind came up with a “Screw the parents, screw the taxpayers, we don’t have to tell you a damn thing” letter.  That lasted less than a week, with School Supers now scrambling to make it at least look like they are being transparent.  Many of them know full well they are in trouble if the entire truth leaks out about using non-approved reading materials and study guides provided by terrorist-affiliated organizations such as CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

You can count Mike Davis as one who opted for the “modified limited hangout,” trying inartfully to blame it on the state.  “But it’s approved by the state,” whined Davis, “I am not aware of any unauthorized materials being used,” he tried to explain.  Davis promised a “statement” sometime in the future regarding the Islamic curriculum.

Say Mike, how about instead of CYA statements, you actually investigate the use of outside materials you say you “are aware of” in other districts.  Have you sent an email to all of your teachers asking the simple question whether they have used materials not specifically approved and the source of such materials?  We’ll guess the answer is “No.”  So stop reading this post, open your email and send the question.  Should take about 30 seconds.  Until then, no one is interested in your damn “statements.”

Mike Davis is a poor front man for the education bureaucracy.  Davis has jumped around school systems here and in Kentucky, leaving trails of controversy wherever he departs.  He apparently was fired from Scott County, TN schools which was preceded by a controversial exit from his school job in Kentucky.   Davis then went to Wilson County, where among other controversies, he was slapped with a federal age discrimination lawsuit filed by a school janitor that accused Davis of “bullying” a long-time school employee.

And now he is in Robertson County, playing “curriculum keep away” from parents and taxpayers.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Parents, county commissioners, state legislators and taxpayers want to see specifically what it is being crammed into our kids’ minds on the subject of Islam.  Here is another helpful suggestion from your friends at RTP.  Collect everything your teachers are using on the subject.  Make two copies:  one for the county commission and one to file at the public library so any  parent can see it.  If you start now, you can be finished by lunch tomorrow.  Send us the bill –should be about $10 in copying costs.

We would have you send one to the Robertson County school board, but their judgement is questionable, since they are they ones who hired you in the first place.

Even better, Mr. Mike, how about you march your butt down to the Robertson County Commission next week and tell them you need more money for schools, and see how far you get.  Those folks who are elected by the taxpayers are understandably torqued off about the whole controversy that was brought about by political correctness and protected by the cowardice of people such as yourself who were unable or unwilling to stand up and call “Bullsh*t” on the biased pro-Islamic curriculum.

We guarantee you that if someone had brought a Bible and some study guides from the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board to school and wanted to spend several days talking about the basic beliefs and practices of Christianity, idiots like you would have your panties in a big ol’ wad, running around screaming “The ACLU is coming!  The ACLU is coming!”

Well, screw the ACLU, Mr. Davis. This is our culture, our schools and our tax money, and you serve at the pleasure of the voters who elect county commissions and school boards.

See you at contract renewal time.  And like the Roane County school superintendent, you may need Chuck Cagle to negotiate your contract.

But remember to keep a positive attitude and, above all — have fun.  You’ve earned your moment in the spotlight, Dr. Davis.

Harrison is Gone and Harwell is on the Spot.

Word leaking from numerous sources at LP is that Rep. Mike Harrison, chairman of the infamous House Finance Subcommittee, will be out of the legislature by the end of the year. Harrison will be taking a job with a local government or an association, depending on who you talk to. He is timing his departure so that a successor can be named who will serve until the 2016 elections and who will not have to face a primary special election. The one thing the establishment really hates is actually having to face the voters, especially in a Republican primary.

Harwell for Governor 2018 Starts Right Now.

But aside from deciding the next political hack from Hawkins County, the real story is WWBD – What Will Beth Do? The Harrison departure leaves open a critical chairmanship – perhaps the most import chairmanship in the whole House. Under Harrison (and at the direction of leadership headed by Speaker Harwell) House Finance Sub was where conservative legislation was sent to die. It was the last and best place to subvert the will of the voters, and frequently the will of the majority of the GOP caucus, usually with spurious last-minute fiscal notes and leadership-dictated votes. The committee is largely made up of leadership loyalists who will vote exactly how Harwell or Maj. Leader Gerald McCormick instruct them vote.

So Harwell is in something of a political pickle. If she names another leadership sycophant, she will likely greatly increase the chances she will generate a credible conservative opponent for the Speaker’s chair next Fall. If she has any hope of outreach to the critical conservative base in a primary run against, say, Diane Black and/or Randy Boyd and/or Mark Green, she will need to name a conservative to the post — a real conservative, and not just one for window dressing (like Kevin Brooks).

Don’t think for a minute Republican voter disgust with leadership is isolated to Washington DC or the presidential primaries. The sense of betrayal of the voters by GOP leaders reaches all the way to Tennessee. The activists will be on full alert on this one and they will be loaded for bear.

harwellBeth has a decision to make. The first early voting of 2018 is about to begin.

Choose wisely, Madame Speaker.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

ramsey handsLeave to our Lt. Gov/Speaker/Sen. Ron Ramsey to encapsulate a current event in a clear and concise manner.

In the tragic shooting last week in Roseburg, OR, the shooter forced students to declare if they were Christian then shot them in the head if they said yes. Oh, you missed that did you? No surprise. The Main Stream Media (CNN, specifically), first labeled the shooter a “white supremist” (kinda hard to do when the shooter was half black/half white).  They generally ignored the “targeting Christians” part of the story by burying it in deep in the story, if they reported it all.

Enter Ron Ramsey:  “I would encourage my fellow Christians who are serious about their faith to think about getting a handgun carry permit. I have always believed that it is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.

“Our enemies are armed,” he added. “We must do likewise.”praise the Lord 2

RTP applauds the Lt. Governor for telling it like it is. And everyone here at RTP is going to update their carry permit and buy a few extra rounds for the next moron who decides he is the second coming of Allah, Hitler or whoever.  When they come for the Christians, they need to know the Christians are locked & loaded and ready to defend themselves.

Even Jesus had his limits…..

jesus money changers 1

Circular Firing Squad at Gucci Gulch.

After what we thought would be our last posting on Grant Starrett, the crew at Rocky Top made each other a pinky swear that we would leave the Fourth District Congressional race to the candidates themselves.

Who were we kidding.

It’s hard not to keep catching when Grant and his campaign boys keep pitching, especially when their pitches are always balls (and no strikes).

posse 4

Starrett for Congress Campaign Staff

This past week, the amateur candidate from California delivered a doozy. His obviously easily excited campaign manager, Tommy Schultz, breathlessly declared his “jaw dropped” when Cong. Scott DesJarlais, a member of the House Oversight Committee passed on his allotted time to question the president of Planned Parenthood. Grant and the “Boy Posse” he calls a campaign staff were in a full tizzy over what they claimed was Des Jarlais’ shirking of his responsibilities as a Congressman. They rushed out a press release saying as much, barely able to keep from giggling about their political “coup.”

Just a wee little problem with your argument there, boys. If Grant had ever had a real job in Washington (other than the occasional internship generated by his parents’ political contributions), he would have known that Des Jarlais wasn’t asleep at the switch. It is a time-honored courtesy to “yield one’s time” to other members of Congress who do not sit on your committee, so that they might have the opportunity to question a controversial witness. Such was the case when members such as Cong. Mia Love (R-UT) wanted just such an opportunity. Des Jarlais was only extending a traditional courtesy. How dare he.

Do Grant his boys have a problem with women Republican members of Congress? Or are they just a bunch of California carpetbaggers whose inability to understand common courtesy is exceeded only by their naiveté.

But Grant and the Boy Posse didn’t stop there. Oh, no. They also trotted out an in-house “poll” memo that said the race between Starrett and Des Jarlais had closed the race to single digits. The gang here at Rocky Top have all been in numerous political campaigns and we recognize B.S. when we see it, especially when it comes in a polling memo with no poll attached. Single digits? That’s a pretty unbelievable accomplishment when Starrett currently has a lower name I.D. than the Marshall County property assessor. Just how much creative cooking did his pollster have to do to come up with such a laughable claim? Here is the key passage from the press release.

“Earlier this year, Starrett had a low name ID, potentially due to the fact that he has not held elected office”

[RTP Editor’s Note: “Duh.”]

“However, after likely voters heard positive and negative messaging for Starrett, the race moved to be within single digits.”

Really? They ask some “positive and negative messaging” and —Viola! – the race is now single digits? What the hell did they ask: “Would you prefer to vote for a dashing young man with a degree from Stanford university who can surf and calls his momma every night, or would you rather vote for a one-eyed, smelly psychopath from hell who will murder your puppies in their sleep?” Yeah, if one could base their credibility and electability on loaded questions, we would now be in the second term of the John McCain administration or replacing the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest with one of Gov. Charlie Brown (D-Oakdale).

foot 2We all realize how much Californians love their footwear, but the Starrett Posse might want to take off their Gucci’s before they shoot themselves in the foot again.

Okay, now were done talking about Grant. Unless he screws up again and his Boy Posse saddles up for another soiree. Another fiasco like this press release and RTP will be tempted to get right back at it.

What’s that splat on the road?

The conservative newspaper, The Washington Examiner, jumps all over the Farmer from Frog Jump:

“Fincher represents what’s worst about the Republican Party.”

fincher 1

Cong Stephen Fincher, one of the “Tea Party” candidates who was elected in 2010, has long prided himself on his humble roots.  But rumors have swirled that the Congressman from the 8th District of Tennessee, has traded his overalls for a tuxedo and has become the very people he first ran against.

The Examiner column is pretty devastating for Fincher. Titled: “From Tea Partier to Corporate Welfare Champion,” the article reveals that of the 150 contributors to Fincher’s re-election campaign, only two came from Tennessee.  Of the $250,000 he has raised for his re-election, less than 1/2 of 1 percent — a total of $750 — came from here.  Instead, his contributor list reads like a who’s who of Wall Street and K Street corporations and financial services companies pelosi 3who reap enormous subsidies from U.S. taxpayers.  In return, Fincher has teamed with Nancy Pelosi — yes, that Nancy Pelosi — to keep the corrupt Ex-Im Bank operating, even introducing the bill to keep alive an organization hated by many conservatives.

The article also reports that only one other farmer in Congress gets more in subsidized crop insurance and other subsidies than Fincher.  From 1999 to 2012, Fincher pocketed over $3.48 million in subsidies —  over $70,00 in 2012 alone.

As the examiner put it: “Washington corrupts, and Congressman Stephen Fincher is proof.”

Not a good reputation to have if you are looking to run for governor or U.S. Senator, as Fincher is reputed to be considering.

[Hat tip to RTP tipsters at the Tennessee 8th District Tea Party Coalition]

Yeah, stonewalling ain’t gonna cut it.

School Bureaucrats to parents/taxpayers: “Chuck You.”

Cagle spins a whopper: Says telling parents and taxpayers what the schools are teaching their children about Islam “could cost millions of dollars.”

Cagle photo

Chucked up.

Chuck Cagle, the 2014 winner of the RTP Sleazeball Lawyer of the Year Award, is trying to retire the trophy in only the second year of its existence. After his transparent attempt to hide the extent of what many are saying is an effort to indoctrinate Tennessee 7th graders about Islam, it appears that there is no bottom to this bottom-feeding lawyer. Having sent every school district a recommendation to ignore a public interest research group’s request on what children are being taught about Islam, Cagle doubled-down on his spurious legal advice and said providing the information about a controversial curriculum paid for by taxpayers – would cost “hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of dollars.”

Cagle may be right – the legal fees he could charge for handling a “crisis” he created could easily amount to that much, maybe more. Less generous observers than RTP think Cagle is just trolling for new clients to add to the 70 school systems he now represents. You would think that in a country with a huge surplus of lawyers, the highly-educated school superintendents could find just one other lawyer to individually represent them, but you would think wrong.

An appropriate question is why anyone – especially school superintendents – is taking this self-dealing, conflicted bag of horse manure seriously. Oh, here’s a possible answer: Chuck Cagle is the lobbyist for the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS). TOSS pays him a lot of money to run interference for them with the state legislature. And where does TOSS get the money to pay Chuckles? Each superintendent pays thousands of dollars every year to be a member of TOSS. And where do the superintendents get the money to pay thousands of dollars in dues? They get it from their school’s budget. And where does the school budget money come from? The taxpayers, silly.

See how that works? Lawyer gets taxpayer money to fight against giving taxpayers information about an Islamic curriculum that the taxpayers paid for with tax dollars. Ambulance-chasing shysters everywhere should be thanking Cagle for making them look like saints compared to him.

Yes, the only thing dumber than taking legal advice from Chuck Cagle, is paying him for the privilege. And just who are some of those superintendents dumb enough to think telling taxpayers and parents to “go Chuck themselves” is a smart job retention move? Over the next few days, RTP will highlight a few of these over-educated fools who signed their names to the Cagle letter.



Dr. Gary Aytes, Roane County Director of Schools

Aytes grew up in neighboring Morgan County (motto: “200 years and still 97% white!”) and worked at Walnut Hill Elementary school for years. Until Aytes, Walnut Hill’s most famous citizen was Dixie Crosby, crooner Bing Crosby’s first wife. Now it Aytes’ turn to give Roane County the old “song-n-dance.” When he got his gig as the head education bureaucrat for Roane, guess who negotiated his contract? Chuck Cagle. How convenient.

Here is Aytes phone number: (865) 376-5592.

We would give you an email address, but the cowardly bureaucrats produced an entire website without a single email addresses of any kind. God Allah forbid if they let you contact them directly. There is also only one phone number for the entire administrative office. If you call, you’ll probably get a recording asking you to enter the name of the person you want to talk to. RTP suggests typing in “D-u-m-b-a-s-s.” That should connect you directly to Aytes’ private line.

Why not drop him a line and ask him why he thinks the taxpayers should be kept in the dark about what is being taught their children in school. Protecting Islamic indoctrination by denying parents public information ain’t none too popular in Gary’s neck of the woods. He should be glad he’s no longer living in Morgan County. The citizenry play a little rougher up there and where “multi-culturalism” is about as popular as a martini at a barbeque. If you’ve ever been to Petros, you’d know what we’re talking about.

Aytes recently announced he is stepping down as school director in 2016. Too bad it wasn’t this year.