Fincher Crosses the Rubicon

Cong. Stephen Fincher teams up with Nancy Pelosi to advance crony capitalism at taxpayer’s expense.

fincher RINO

“The unusual parliamentary maneuver led by Tennessee Republican Stephen Fincher is a slap in the face to conservatives.”                                                 

“The Democrats seized on an opportunity to move this and are using Fincher … as a willing accomplice.”

— Politico 10/26/2015

For years, conservative in in Congress have complained that the Export-Import Bank is a multi-billion dollar, taxpayer-paid “crony capitalism” program. Democrats love it because they can connect their big corporate donors to the subsidized goodies offered by the Bank. Many consider the Ex-Im Bank as a case study in wasteful government spending. The House Freedom Caucus, in contrast, is vociferously opposed to the extention the Bank’s charter.

One would think that a Southern farmer Congressman from rural Tennessee would naturally be opposed to the Bank. After all, Tea Party types who originally backed Fincher are strongly opposed to the bank and consider it a litmus test.

But Fincher was not content to just stabbing his conservative supporters in the back with his decision to support the Ex-Im Bank (which, by the way, is opposed by incoming Speaker Paul Ryan).  Fincher went much, much further.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Fincher conspired with west-coast-wacko Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the very liberal Steny Hoyer (D-MD) to take advantage of the confusion over John Boehner’s resignation as Speaker, and using a rare procedural maneuver, brought the bill renewing the Bank to the floor of the House. Republicans voted overwhelming against the move, but Fincher convinced enough RINO Republicans to join near-unanimous support from the Democrats to pass the legislation.

What makes Fincher’s actions particularly odious is the fact that several of the biggest corporate beneficiaries of the Ex-Im Bank subsidies rewarded Fincher with huge political contributions while this process was underway. But since the bill is unlikely to be considered by the Senate, Fincher’s efforts may yet turn into an exercise in futility.

It seems like a lot of effort by the Farmer from Frog Jump, just to have himself branded a craven traitor to conservative, small government principles and to do so in cahoots with slimeballs like Nancy Pelosi. If Fincher ever had any ambitions about running for statewide office, he just kissed those chances goodbye.

Fincher’s actions firmly moved him into RINO status and are prime and putrid examples of why voters in general, and Republicans in particular, are fed up with the corrupt political environment in Washington.

Enjoy your blood money, Stephen.  Maybe you can take Nancy out for a nice dinner.

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