Has Tom Ingram Been Fired Yet?

Rocky Top just loves to be able to say: “We told you so.”

News over the weekend that Jeb Bush’s campaign was in financial trouble was no surprise to regular RTP readers. Over a month ago, we noted the Bush campaign had hired Tom Ingram as a consultant. We also advised Ingram “get paid up front” based on the reports we had received that the Bush campaign was hemorrhaging “hard money” necessary to pay non-super PAC regular campaign expenses and consultants:

“Better get paid up front, Tom

“One of RTP’s tipsters hiding out in Washington says the town is buzzing with info that Bush campaign has begun laying off people just at the time they are hiring Ingram. The problem is that while the Bushies have raised of $100 million for his super PAC, the campaign did not create a broad enough base to generate enough money in hard dollars that pay for the campaign’s day-to-day operations, staff, expenses, etc.”

Tom Ingram

Tom Ingram

Now, weeks later, comes confirmation the Bush campaign is firing many of its consultants and demanding steep pay cuts for those it keeps. The Bush campaign may be well on its way to the same fate of other Ingram clients such as “President” Lamar Alexander, “President” Jon Huntsman and Nashville “Mayor” Charles Robert Bone III.

Hope Tom has already cashed his check….

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