Walking in Memphis

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Memphis teacher’s union will try to secede from the T.E.A.

Loss of largest affiliate could doom T.E.A. to second-class status.

As if labor union lobbyist Jim Wrye doesn’t have enough problems, what with magic mailboxes, a communist/socialist renegade staffer, and what not. Now comes an out-an-out rebellion from within his own dwindling membership ranks.

The Memphis chapter of TEA (M-SCEA) has already severed ties with the TEA in a major dispute, citing lack of representation, ineffective legislative representation, suspicious expenditures, etc. by the TEA state operation. Now they are trying to make it legal with an official vote.

This is a big deal. With the loss of funds generated by Memphis (over $1,100,000 last year), the TEA would quickly find itself in a financial bind even more serious than the one they currently face. TEA’s membership rolls, which once approached 60,000 is now down to about 30,000-35,000 members (it’s hard to tell, since the TEA continually redefines “membership” to artificially inflate their numbers). Losing Memphis’ 4,500 dues payers will drop that even further. But the loss of income for TEA is likely to create a financial crisis that even the creative accountants at the TEA will find difficult to cover up.

A civil war is bad enough, but Gen. Wrye may find himself with an even smaller army and less money to pay the troops.

Wrye & Co. have only themselves to blame. Wrye tried to whore his way into the Republican caucus by throwing around money to Republicans, screwing the Black Caucus – TEA’s most loyal allies – in the process. Don’t think for a minute the Memphis chapter, whose membership is overwhelmingly African American, didn’t notice. And now they are exacting their revenge.

As for those in Republican leadership and others who lately have been taking large contributions from Wrye and the TEA, they should not feel too smug about all this. When you take money from an organization that just endorsed Hillary Clinton (and gave her $30+ million to boot), you can expect to suffer the consequences.

Remember the infamous Maggart/Obama billboard?

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Now try to imagine one with you and Hillary going up in your district. And in your mailboxes.  Just in time for the August primary:

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