Stupidest. Columnist. Ever.

If one wants to look at a “textbook example” of just how far the main stream media has fallen, one only has to look to today’s Commercial Appeal.  David Waters — a salaried columnist for the CA — wrote a lengthy article responding to the large meeting held earlier this week in White County, where parents turned out in large numbers to protest a pro-Islam biased curriculum begin taught seventh graders in the local public schools.

In his rush to denigrate those bumpkins in White County, Waters claimed he had reviewed the curriculum and found no problems whatsoever with it.  Waters said he reviewed the Islamic section in the McGraw Hill world history textbook. His column is filled condescension and smirking comments about how White County students must be “skimming” the material and not really reading or understanding the text.

Just one teeny, itsy-bitsy problem with Water’s so-called review of the material. The Islamic-biased material that has so offended the parents in White County came from the Pearson textbook on world history – not the McGraw Hill world history textbook used in Memphis schools. The McGraw-Hill textbook that is the focus of Water’s column is a different book entirely, with different material.


Waters is apparently so in the tank for the Islamic/liberal apologists and so eager to dismiss the concerns of what he undoubtedly considers the rural hicks of White County, that he “reviewed” the wrong freakin’ book.

What a putz.

Memphis is not exactly a hotbed of education excellence. In fact, it consistently has the worst-performing schools in the state. If Waters was educated in the Memphis school system, then it would go a long way towards explaining why he is not only liberal, but an ignoramus as well.

There’s a popular t-shirt being sold down on Beale Street these days.

tshirt 3

Today, Mr. Waters is finding it is indeed painful to sit in the corner.

Particularly when you have your head up your ass.

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