Who’s the dimwit advising Randy Boyd? Oh, wait….

ECDC Commissioner to host fundraiser for Jeb Bush. Bush currently running 6th in the polls — just ahead of George Pataki.

Randy Boyd, a Haslam family favorite and business associate, is widely rumored to be positioning himself for state Boydoffice – most likely governor in 2018 (and is also reputed to be the candidate of choice of the Haslam family). Of course to achieve that lofty position, Boyd must first win a Republican primary. And that makes his embrace of Jeb Bush seem problematic to the base of the party. Boyd would be wise to note what has happened to the agenda of his buddy, Bill Haslam, who has flipped off the conservative base at every opportunity and has suffered mightily as a result.  Endorsing Jeb! immediately puts you in the distinct minority of Tennessee Republican voters.

Boyd has lots in common with Gov. Haslam, not the least of which is that he is getting his political advice from Tom Ingram.

Tom Ingram

Tom Ingram — Political consultant to the very wealthy.

Yes, the same Tom Ingram who was the most recent hire to the Jeb! campaign. The same Tom Ingram who served as the paid consultant to the Nashville mayoral candidate, Charles Robert Bone III — the largest Obama bundler in the state of Tennessee. The same Tom Ingram who recently got bitch-slapped by Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey after, among other things, Tom was quoted whining about “self-funders” being the only viable candidates these days.

Here is an interesting factoid sent along by a RTP tipster: Name the candidate who Ingram has worked for who was not a “self-funder.” You can’t: Corker, Haslam, Bone, Alexander (and yes, Lamar was a self-funder at the most critical time of his career – just ask Ed Bryant) were all Ingram client’s with nothing but a dream and a bank account bigger than the annual budget of a third world country. Corker, Haslam & Alexander were all about outspending their opponents by massive sums and buying their nominations in an electorate that was decidedly more conservative than they are.

Gov. Haslam got elected by spending millions of dollars of personal money to pay for commercials telling Tennessee voters he was a conservative. Of course, between Common Core, sweetheart deals for friends like Jones LaSalle, expanding Obamacare and trying to raise the gas tax, Haslam has governed like a crony capitalist, certainly not as a conservative. Alexander nearly got beat in his last primary by a heavily under-funded Joe Carr. Bone was crushed in his race for Nashville Mayor.  And tough-talking Bob Corker got snookered by Obama and Harry Reid on the Iran deal (What is it about some height-disadvantaged politicians who feel the need to act tough to compensate for their, um, shortcomings?  Sen. John Tower of Texas was the same way. But then the diminutive Sen. Howard H. Baker was short too, but he stood head and shoulders among his colleagues. Note to Bob: try to be more like Howard Henry).

Will Boyd’s reputed personal wealth buy the same dishonest campaign message that Haslam served up? Will conservative voters see through the deception this time? Will another faux conservative get elected to statewide office?

Ask Ingram. He’s the expert on self-funders.

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