Idiot of the Week

The pro-Islamist curriculum folks might want to get another front man.

Robertson County School Director Mike Davis

Robertson County School Director Mike Davis

In a continuation of a public service that no one asked for, RTP brings you another “Idiot of the Week.”  Previously, it was the Roane County school superintendent for blindly following the questionable legal advice of Conflicted Cash Cow Chuck Cagle.  This week we travel to the mid-state to present yet another school director trying to protect Islam while denying parents full knowledge of what is being taught.

Robertson County Schools Director Mike Davis was one of the geniuses who signed on to Cagle’s letter, refusing to give the Center of Law and Justice access to the public school’s curriculum on Islam.  Well the whole Cagle thing now appears to have been primarily a new business solicitation scheme for Cagle, combined with the need for him to look like he’s doing something for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that school superintendents pay to his organization, the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS).  Cagle’s steel-trap legal mind came up with a “Screw the parents, screw the taxpayers, we don’t have to tell you a damn thing” letter.  That lasted less than a week, with School Supers now scrambling to make it at least look like they are being transparent.  Many of them know full well they are in trouble if the entire truth leaks out about using non-approved reading materials and study guides provided by terrorist-affiliated organizations such as CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

You can count Mike Davis as one who opted for the “modified limited hangout,” trying inartfully to blame it on the state.  “But it’s approved by the state,” whined Davis, “I am not aware of any unauthorized materials being used,” he tried to explain.  Davis promised a “statement” sometime in the future regarding the Islamic curriculum.

Say Mike, how about instead of CYA statements, you actually investigate the use of outside materials you say you “are aware of” in other districts.  Have you sent an email to all of your teachers asking the simple question whether they have used materials not specifically approved and the source of such materials?  We’ll guess the answer is “No.”  So stop reading this post, open your email and send the question.  Should take about 30 seconds.  Until then, no one is interested in your damn “statements.”

Mike Davis is a poor front man for the education bureaucracy.  Davis has jumped around school systems here and in Kentucky, leaving trails of controversy wherever he departs.  He apparently was fired from Scott County, TN schools which was preceded by a controversial exit from his school job in Kentucky.   Davis then went to Wilson County, where among other controversies, he was slapped with a federal age discrimination lawsuit filed by a school janitor that accused Davis of “bullying” a long-time school employee.

And now he is in Robertson County, playing “curriculum keep away” from parents and taxpayers.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Parents, county commissioners, state legislators and taxpayers want to see specifically what it is being crammed into our kids’ minds on the subject of Islam.  Here is another helpful suggestion from your friends at RTP.  Collect everything your teachers are using on the subject.  Make two copies:  one for the county commission and one to file at the public library so any  parent can see it.  If you start now, you can be finished by lunch tomorrow.  Send us the bill –should be about $10 in copying costs.

We would have you send one to the Robertson County school board, but their judgement is questionable, since they are they ones who hired you in the first place.

Even better, Mr. Mike, how about you march your butt down to the Robertson County Commission next week and tell them you need more money for schools, and see how far you get.  Those folks who are elected by the taxpayers are understandably torqued off about the whole controversy that was brought about by political correctness and protected by the cowardice of people such as yourself who were unable or unwilling to stand up and call “Bullsh*t” on the biased pro-Islamic curriculum.

We guarantee you that if someone had brought a Bible and some study guides from the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board to school and wanted to spend several days talking about the basic beliefs and practices of Christianity, idiots like you would have your panties in a big ol’ wad, running around screaming “The ACLU is coming!  The ACLU is coming!”

Well, screw the ACLU, Mr. Davis. This is our culture, our schools and our tax money, and you serve at the pleasure of the voters who elect county commissions and school boards.

See you at contract renewal time.  And like the Roane County school superintendent, you may need Chuck Cagle to negotiate your contract.

But remember to keep a positive attitude and, above all — have fun.  You’ve earned your moment in the spotlight, Dr. Davis.

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