Circular Firing Squad at Gucci Gulch.

After what we thought would be our last posting on Grant Starrett, the crew at Rocky Top made each other a pinky swear that we would leave the Fourth District Congressional race to the candidates themselves.

Who were we kidding.

It’s hard not to keep catching when Grant and his campaign boys keep pitching, especially when their pitches are always balls (and no strikes).

posse 4

Starrett for Congress Campaign Staff

This past week, the amateur candidate from California delivered a doozy. His obviously easily excited campaign manager, Tommy Schultz, breathlessly declared his “jaw dropped” when Cong. Scott DesJarlais, a member of the House Oversight Committee passed on his allotted time to question the president of Planned Parenthood. Grant and the “Boy Posse” he calls a campaign staff were in a full tizzy over what they claimed was Des Jarlais’ shirking of his responsibilities as a Congressman. They rushed out a press release saying as much, barely able to keep from giggling about their political “coup.”

Just a wee little problem with your argument there, boys. If Grant had ever had a real job in Washington (other than the occasional internship generated by his parents’ political contributions), he would have known that Des Jarlais wasn’t asleep at the switch. It is a time-honored courtesy to “yield one’s time” to other members of Congress who do not sit on your committee, so that they might have the opportunity to question a controversial witness. Such was the case when members such as Cong. Mia Love (R-UT) wanted just such an opportunity. Des Jarlais was only extending a traditional courtesy. How dare he.

Do Grant his boys have a problem with women Republican members of Congress? Or are they just a bunch of California carpetbaggers whose inability to understand common courtesy is exceeded only by their naiveté.

But Grant and the Boy Posse didn’t stop there. Oh, no. They also trotted out an in-house “poll” memo that said the race between Starrett and Des Jarlais had closed the race to single digits. The gang here at Rocky Top have all been in numerous political campaigns and we recognize B.S. when we see it, especially when it comes in a polling memo with no poll attached. Single digits? That’s a pretty unbelievable accomplishment when Starrett currently has a lower name I.D. than the Marshall County property assessor. Just how much creative cooking did his pollster have to do to come up with such a laughable claim? Here is the key passage from the press release.

“Earlier this year, Starrett had a low name ID, potentially due to the fact that he has not held elected office”

[RTP Editor’s Note: “Duh.”]

“However, after likely voters heard positive and negative messaging for Starrett, the race moved to be within single digits.”

Really? They ask some “positive and negative messaging” and —Viola! – the race is now single digits? What the hell did they ask: “Would you prefer to vote for a dashing young man with a degree from Stanford university who can surf and calls his momma every night, or would you rather vote for a one-eyed, smelly psychopath from hell who will murder your puppies in their sleep?” Yeah, if one could base their credibility and electability on loaded questions, we would now be in the second term of the John McCain administration or replacing the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest with one of Gov. Charlie Brown (D-Oakdale).

foot 2We all realize how much Californians love their footwear, but the Starrett Posse might want to take off their Gucci’s before they shoot themselves in the foot again.

Okay, now were done talking about Grant. Unless he screws up again and his Boy Posse saddles up for another soiree. Another fiasco like this press release and RTP will be tempted to get right back at it.

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