What’s that splat on the road?

The conservative newspaper, The Washington Examiner, jumps all over the Farmer from Frog Jump:

“Fincher represents what’s worst about the Republican Party.”

fincher 1

Cong Stephen Fincher, one of the “Tea Party” candidates who was elected in 2010, has long prided himself on his humble roots.  But rumors have swirled that the Congressman from the 8th District of Tennessee, has traded his overalls for a tuxedo and has become the very people he first ran against.

The Examiner column is pretty devastating for Fincher. Titled: “From Tea Partier to Corporate Welfare Champion,” the article reveals that of the 150 contributors to Fincher’s re-election campaign, only two came from Tennessee.  Of the $250,000 he has raised for his re-election, less than 1/2 of 1 percent — a total of $750 — came from here.  Instead, his contributor list reads like a who’s who of Wall Street and K Street corporations and financial services companies pelosi 3who reap enormous subsidies from U.S. taxpayers.  In return, Fincher has teamed with Nancy Pelosi — yes, that Nancy Pelosi — to keep the corrupt Ex-Im Bank operating, even introducing the bill to keep alive an organization hated by many conservatives.

The article also reports that only one other farmer in Congress gets more in subsidized crop insurance and other subsidies than Fincher.  From 1999 to 2012, Fincher pocketed over $3.48 million in subsidies —  over $70,00 in 2012 alone.

As the examiner put it: “Washington corrupts, and Congressman Stephen Fincher is proof.”

Not a good reputation to have if you are looking to run for governor or U.S. Senator, as Fincher is reputed to be considering.

[Hat tip to RTP tipsters at the Tennessee 8th District Tea Party Coalition]

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