Yeah, stonewalling ain’t gonna cut it.

School Bureaucrats to parents/taxpayers: “Chuck You.”

Cagle spins a whopper: Says telling parents and taxpayers what the schools are teaching their children about Islam “could cost millions of dollars.”

Cagle photo

Chucked up.

Chuck Cagle, the 2014 winner of the RTP Sleazeball Lawyer of the Year Award, is trying to retire the trophy in only the second year of its existence. After his transparent attempt to hide the extent of what many are saying is an effort to indoctrinate Tennessee 7th graders about Islam, it appears that there is no bottom to this bottom-feeding lawyer. Having sent every school district a recommendation to ignore a public interest research group’s request on what children are being taught about Islam, Cagle doubled-down on his spurious legal advice and said providing the information about a controversial curriculum paid for by taxpayers – would cost “hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of dollars.”

Cagle may be right – the legal fees he could charge for handling a “crisis” he created could easily amount to that much, maybe more. Less generous observers than RTP think Cagle is just trolling for new clients to add to the 70 school systems he now represents. You would think that in a country with a huge surplus of lawyers, the highly-educated school superintendents could find just one other lawyer to individually represent them, but you would think wrong.

An appropriate question is why anyone – especially school superintendents – is taking this self-dealing, conflicted bag of horse manure seriously. Oh, here’s a possible answer: Chuck Cagle is the lobbyist for the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS). TOSS pays him a lot of money to run interference for them with the state legislature. And where does TOSS get the money to pay Chuckles? Each superintendent pays thousands of dollars every year to be a member of TOSS. And where do the superintendents get the money to pay thousands of dollars in dues? They get it from their school’s budget. And where does the school budget money come from? The taxpayers, silly.

See how that works? Lawyer gets taxpayer money to fight against giving taxpayers information about an Islamic curriculum that the taxpayers paid for with tax dollars. Ambulance-chasing shysters everywhere should be thanking Cagle for making them look like saints compared to him.

Yes, the only thing dumber than taking legal advice from Chuck Cagle, is paying him for the privilege. And just who are some of those superintendents dumb enough to think telling taxpayers and parents to “go Chuck themselves” is a smart job retention move? Over the next few days, RTP will highlight a few of these over-educated fools who signed their names to the Cagle letter.



Dr. Gary Aytes, Roane County Director of Schools

Aytes grew up in neighboring Morgan County (motto: “200 years and still 97% white!”) and worked at Walnut Hill Elementary school for years. Until Aytes, Walnut Hill’s most famous citizen was Dixie Crosby, crooner Bing Crosby’s first wife. Now it Aytes’ turn to give Roane County the old “song-n-dance.” When he got his gig as the head education bureaucrat for Roane, guess who negotiated his contract? Chuck Cagle. How convenient.

Here is Aytes phone number: (865) 376-5592.

We would give you an email address, but the cowardly bureaucrats produced an entire website without a single email addresses of any kind. God Allah forbid if they let you contact them directly. There is also only one phone number for the entire administrative office. If you call, you’ll probably get a recording asking you to enter the name of the person you want to talk to. RTP suggests typing in “D-u-m-b-a-s-s.” That should connect you directly to Aytes’ private line.

Why not drop him a line and ask him why he thinks the taxpayers should be kept in the dark about what is being taught their children in school. Protecting Islamic indoctrination by denying parents public information ain’t none too popular in Gary’s neck of the woods. He should be glad he’s no longer living in Morgan County. The citizenry play a little rougher up there and where “multi-culturalism” is about as popular as a martini at a barbeque. If you’ve ever been to Petros, you’d know what we’re talking about.

Aytes recently announced he is stepping down as school director in 2016. Too bad it wasn’t this year.

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