Ingram hired: Jeb! is Toast!

Tom Ingram

Tom Ingram

Tom Ingram has joined the Jeb! Bush campaign. The death watch for Jeb’s! presidential prospects has now officially begun.

Fresh from spending Charles Robert Bone’s millions in his failed attempt to elect a Nashville mayor, Ingram has joined the legions of consultants who are sucking on the teat of Bush’s $100 million+ campaign fund.

Ingram was the mastermind behind the unsuccessful Lamar Alexander presidential campaign back in the 90’s. Maybe he got hired this time because he was the genius behind the Lamar! logo that the Bush campaign copied this time around.

Better get paid up front, Tom

But not so fast. One of RTP’s tipsters hiding out in Washington says the town is buzzing with info that Bush campaign has begun laying off people just at the time they are hiring Ingram. The problem is that while the Bushies have raised of $100 million for his super PAC, the campaign did not create a broad enough base to generate enough money in hard dollars that pay for the campaign’s day-to-day operations, staff, expenses, etc. (which is what happened to Rick Perry just a few weeks ago).  Often cited as examples of mismanagement is Jeb’s addiction to private jets (to the tune of $300,000 a month) and flying his campaign manager, Danny Diaz, back and forth from Miami to D.C. just so he can sleep in his own bed on the weekends.

Oh, and all those super PAC millions? Just a couple of days ago the Bush super PAC announced it was spending $25 million in advertising, starting next month. Why spend that kind of dough so early? Well for one thing, the Jeb! campaign is trailing just about every candidate whose last name is not “Bush.” That, and those advertising consultants want to make sure they get their 15% commission on $100 million dollars in case the campaign folds up.

Ingram should send his invoice out today, while the getting is good.

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