Bob Corker comes up short.

Corker Obama

“Bob, you must be this tall to play Foreign Affairs with the big boys.”

Sen. Bob Corker has been taking a national pounding from conservative Republicans. And IOHO, it is well-deserved.

Corker’s Iran bill was, from the start, a surrendering of power to the executive branch by the Senate. Corker, having drank a couple gallons of the bi-partisan Kool-aid, was completely snookered by Obama and Congressional Democrats. Allowing them to define what was a “treaty” and what was not, meant that they could avoid an up-or-down vote on the merits of the Obama/Neville Chamberlain plan of appeasement for dealing with the terrorist leaders of Iran. So eager was he to sign up any Democrat support he could scrape up, Corker watched with amazement as Harry Reid (surprise!) pulled the rug out from underneath him.

From the very start, no one believed Corker could round up 13 Dems needed to reach the 67 votes to overturn a presidential veto (that right there should have told him his plan was stupid). But as it turns out, Corker couldn’t even get the 6 Dems needed to avoid a filibuster and even bring his crappy bill to a vote.

But with his humiliation now complete, don’t expect Corker to admit defeat. Establishment Republicans like Corker, engaging in their desire to be “relevant” or admired, continue the game of pretending like they are doing something when they know full well it’s all a kabuki dance to lull low-information voters into voting for their re-election. The bumper stickers will say:

“Re-elect Corker. He fought the good fight,”

and likely not

“Re-elect Corker. He had his ass handed to him on a platter.”

Building shopping centers may have made Bob Corker rich enough to buy a Senate seat, but it didn’t make him smart. And it sure as hell didn’t prepare him for international politics and dealing with Islamist thugs – or even liberal Democrat thugs like Harry Reid.

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