Get a grip, Grant.

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Writing in an obscure blog hosted by Richard Vigurie (is Richard still alive? Good for him), Californian congressional candidate Grant Starrett (who is running in the 4th district of Tennessee, having moved there about 45 minutes ago) penned a 600-word thought piece on the whole Iran deal thingy. We won’t bore our readers with a lengthy dissertation of the article, but we do have a couple of observations:

  1. Grant sure does like big words. He must have taken the “Multi-syllabic Words and How to Use Them” course in college at Stanford (School Motto: “Diplomata pro quorum pecunia compensationis unitatis posset cooperire nactus.” which translates loosely to “Diplomas for everyone whose trust fund can cover the tuition”).  Well RTP can play that game too, and we will — just as soon as we can find our Thasarus, Thusawrus, Tyrannosaurus, Thesaurus.
  1. Grant refers to his opponent, Scott DesJarlais, as an “establishment Republican.” Okay, on that one RTP is convinced Grant is now pulling our legs. Seriously? That right-wing wild man DesJarlais, who voted against John Boehner for Speaker, is part of the “establishment?” What else would DesJarlais have to do to prove he is not part of the establishment – beat up Mitch McConnell?  Geez, Grant, just calling someone an “establishment Republican” doesn’t make them a RINO, any more than calling you a congressional candidate makes you a Tennessean.
  1. Grant signed his article as “Principled Limited Government Constitutional Conservative Grant Starrett.” Wow, that “big words” course at Stanford continues to pay off, doesn’t it? But all those big words won’t fit on a bumper sticker, so the helpful crew at RTP will help Grant out with a new one:

starrett bumper sticker

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