Rocky Top Politics hits a milestone.


250000+ - Copy - Copy That’s how many of your desperate political junkies have tuned in to our humble little website since we launched last year.  Not bad, considering we rarely publish on the weekends and the holidays (which includes Christmas, Thanksgiving, Arbor Day, Flag Day and National Pumpkin Week).  And we never, ever publish unless at least one of the RTP crew is sober enough to remember the secret launch codes.

But on this auspicious occasion, we will let you in on a little secret:  RTP was never about reaching the masses of low-information voters (which comprise about 96% of the Tennessean’s circulation).  No, we focused our extensive insider network and vast collective political expertise on those policy makers, pundits, gossips, activists, beauticians, auto repair mechanics and other people of influence.

But as the big numbers attest, Rocky Top has become something much larger, with RTP stories picked up in places flaming dog pooplike Colorado, Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia and that snake pit of conventional political establishment politics, Washington, DC.  Even so, numbers as big as the one above are largely irrelevant to our main mission:  To decorate the front porches of the right people in Tennessee with our little stinky, flaming bags of truth.

You may be asking: “Just who are the “right” people and how do I get on the list?”  If you have to ask that question, you are automatically off the list.

So on behalf of the entire crew at Rocky Top (especially the Hot Chick) we say: “Thank you.”  And if anyone out there can figure out how we monetize this thing, we are open to suggestions.  If we could get just $5 per viewer, we would already have over $1.2 million and you could all kiss our butts goodbye.  That kind of money is chump change for someone like, say, Bill Haslam.

Think about it, governor — one check and all your troubles would be in the rear view mirror.

Haslam surprise


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