The Perils of Biased Journalism

HumphreyThe now “retired” Knoxville News-Sentinel reporter, Tom Humphrey, has been a fixture at the state legislature for years, roaming the halls looking for stories. He wrote aticles that were generally considered fair, willing to give both political parties a whack on the behind. Whatever liberal biases he may have, he seemed to keep in check for the most part.

But even The Dean can’t seem to hide his mainstream media disdain when it comes to conservatives. That bias was on full display in his column this weekend when he railed against something he called “Tennessee conservative political correctness” – a term he coined to attack those conservatives who had the gall to call B.S. when it comes to the rampant liberal political correctness that has permeated the looney left. It seems if you dare challenge the Orwellian “groupthink” as practiced by the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Hillary and their allies in the media, you are derided as dull, ignorant, vindictive or some kind of religious nut.

But Humphrey’s fans here at Rocky Top would be more willing to forgive his liberal tendencies in this one instance, had it not followed a rather blatant attempt by Humphrey to exaggerate and inflate the reputation of one of the more notorious Democrat operatives left in the state.

On Friday, free-lancing for the Tennessee Journal (we had to be tipped off to the story, surprised as we were to learn anyone actually still reads the Journal), Humphrey decided to continue his previous smooch-fest with TEA lobbyist Jim Wrye. Rocky Top reported on Humphrey’s man-crush on Wrye way back in April of 2014:

Same Old T.E.A. in a brand New Bottle?

It was with bemusement that the gang at RTP read Tom Humphrey’s latest attempt to journalistically gratify yet another dubious political operative. sexAfter the glowing review, we felt Humphrey should have turned to Jim Wrye and asked one last question:  “Cigarette?”

Humphrey was gushing like a school girl as he described Wrye as someone who “came from Alabama without a banjo on his knee but with a gift of gab and experience in dealing with a solidly GOP Legislature.”

Really, Tom? Where you and Jim going on your second date?


Well now we know the Dean’s love for Wrye has continued unabated and is now posing as “journalism.” Humphrey fairly gushed over Wrye’s political acumen while practically ignoring Wrye’s previous employment as a Democrat Party hatchetman.  Check out Wrye’s LinkedIn page.  Notice something missing?  Ah yes, that would be the entire three years (2006-2009) that he worked for the Democratic state party, where his only job was to keep the Republicans from gaining control of the Alabama legislature.  Why Jim-Bob — whatever are you ashamed of?

According to Humphrey, “TEA has moved quietly… toward a political image adjustment under Wrye.”  Yeah, it takes a heapin’ helpin’ of  “adjustment” to paper over a career of sleazeball union attacks on Republicans.  And, of course, Tom blew right past the fact that since Wrye brought this carpetbag to Tennessee, the TEA has become one of the fastest and biggest losers of membership in the country (the #5 loser out of 50 state teacher unions).

Chris Brooks

TEA Employee of the Month, Chris Brooks

RTP has been all-over Jim Wrye’s ass and for good reason: Wrye is a life-long Democrat — a liberal, union operative who has spent copious amounts of other people’s money in an attempt to re-define himself as some sort of Republican.  In Tennessee, Wrye has attempted to don his sheep’s clothing by giving large contributions to Republicans who the union thinks they can compromise on education issues (Glen Casada, we are looking in your direction when we say that). But such phony attempts are laid bare by Wrye’s eagerness to hire people such as Chris Brooks as a TEA operative. Brooks is a self-avowed socialist/communist who infamously refuses to stand for the pledge of allegiance in public meetings and uses his writings to attack police officers with a vengeance that would make the #BlackLivesMatter scum proud (Oh, sorry Tom – does calling those idiots “scum” make us “Tennessee Conservative Political Correctness” geeks? How about we call them pieces of crap, instead. Better?)

But let’s not leave out the complicit Republicans. It’s not just leadership that skulks around trolling for contributions from the TEA.  Tthere are the Republican lobbyists who Wrye hired to provide a fig-leaf of GOP respectability. And take the case of Republican Sen. Paul Bailey, who was the lead quote in Humphrey’s article praising the leftwing union: “[Bailey] credited TEA support for his Republican primary victory.” The senator’s pronouncement he won because of a teacher’s union will come as a big surprise to all the actual Republicans who worked and voted for Bailey, under the assumption it was they who elected him. Not to worry, senator. You can clear up all the confusion by running as a Democrat the next time.

But a willingness to hype bottom-feeding hypocrites like Jim Wrye really came back to bite Humphrey on the tush, when on the very same day his story appeared in the Journal, it was reported that Wrye’s TEA lost 4,500 members in one day. That’s right – 4,500 in one day! The Memphis branch of the TEA decided to revolt against the state TEA and announced they were seceding from the state organization.

Gee, we wonder if the anger the Memphis union chapter directed towards Wrye and the TEA had anything to do with Wrye’s totaling screwing loyal members of the legislative Black Caucus by giving more money to the Republicans than he gave to them? RTP had a big story on that very subject earlier this year called Jim Crow Wrye.

Ya know, Dean, trying to cast aspersions about conservatives would go much better if you didn’t crawl into bed with political prostitutes like Jim Wrye.

Oh, wait – we guess calling a charlatan like Wrye a political prostitute is politically incorrect as well. Well too bad. He is what he is. Put that in your political correctness pipe and smoke it. Don’t forget to inhale.


And on that politically incorrect note, RTP will pause so we can listen for all the exploding heads down at the UTK LGBTQQ Pronoun Police headquarters.diversity


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