The Agony of Sir Thomas


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Rarely have we ever seen a more public humiliation of a lobbyist than the comeuppance Tom Ingram recently received from Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey.

After trying in vain just to get a meeting scheduled with Ramsey, Ingram instead got a sarcastic email from Ramsey wherein the speaker quoted liberally from a column Ingram wrote for the Tennessean last April. In that article, Ingram called for campaign reforms that only a liberal could love, while casting dispersions on the motivations and manhood of state officials (such as Ramsey) for welcoming out of state help from groups ideologically aligned with state Republican agendas.

Ramsey returned the favor by surgically removing Ingram’s political doo-dads in public, implying he might ban Ingram from the Lt. Gov.’s office as long has he is the Lt. Gov.ramsey hands

The punishment meted out by Ramsey was the modern day political equivalent of the execution of Edward II (Google it. It wasn’t pretty.).

What will Ingram’s clients do when they find out their crack lobbyist has been excommunicated from the office of arguably the most powerful man in state government? Time will tell. But blatantly Democrat firms like Johnson & Poss, the Bivens Boys, etc. shouldn’t laugh too much at Ingram’s pain.

One false move and they could be next.



From: Ron Ramsey <>
Date: August 20, 2015 at 4:05:48 PM EDT” <>
Subject: Meeting


Sorry to be just getting back with you on your meeting request. As you may know, I had a great talk with Gerald Coggin recently regarding firming up our tort reform caps.

I have long been in favor of strong tort reform in Tennessee so naturally Gerald and I are on the same page on the issue. Gerald knows he can pick up the phone and call me any time. I look forward to speaking with him as the issue progresses through the legislature.

As to meeting with you, I think that will remain difficult to schedule. As you know, I am very busy embracing the “influence [of] out-of-state, moneyed, special interests” with my “all-consuming” re-election coming up. In fact, before you know it, it will be time for yet another “artful, partisan redistricting.”

Based on your writings, you appreciate more than most what is on my plate. Hard as I might try, I sometimes find it hard not to become a “follower and counterproductive to the political process.”

Thank you again for your understanding.

Ron Ramsey

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