When you’ve lost Mark Norris, you’ve lost all hope..

Mark NorrisSen. Mark Norris has the reputation of being able to see all three sides of the flip of a coin when trying to make a decision, so his latest press release, which bitch-slapped Gov. Haslam, was all the more stunning.

The governor is smack-dab in the middle of his “I-want-to-raise-your-taxes” tour and so far it is not going well.  Before he even started, Speaker Beth Harwell cut the governor off at the knees by suggesting the current revenue surplus be used up before there was even any discussion about raising gas taxes.  Then another ideologic “stalwart” by the name of Sen. Jim Tracy came out against the gas tax, at least for the next year.  But Norris was even more blunt:

 Norris advises Haslam to forget about raising fuel taxes

“We don’t support it,” Norris said. “He can (make an attempt), but last time I checked, leadership does not support that approach at this time, and he knows that.”

Yep, when a wishy-washy senator feels comfortable with a statement like that, you know you have lost the base and a lot more.

Let us here at Rocky Top be the first to say it:

“Bill Haslam is a pain in the gas.”



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