RTP wasn’t gone. Just hiding from embarassment.

Our loyal readers (both of ’em), were distressed beyond all comprehension over RTP’s recent absence.  We know the Haslam administration regarded our nearly 2-week hiatus as a much-needed vacation.  Well vacation’s over, boys.  Time to buckle back up.

By way of explanation of our MIA status, we thought about making up a story that we were all doing the Grand Tour of Europe.  Or that one of us tried to walk-on for defensive linebacker for the Tennessee Titans.  The most believable explanation might have been that we were all blind-drunk at Watts Bar Lake.

But alas, the real reason was more practical and more than a little embarrassing.  You see, because while RTP is loved in most political circles, we are despised in others (we know, hard to believe….).  For that reason, we created a triple-level security system to preserve out anonymity by hardening our site against hackers who wanted to do us metaphorical and physical harm.

In fact, our security is so good, we accidentally locked ourselves out of our own site.  Had it not been for the Hot Chick remembering she had written down key passwords and numbers and filed them away in an old computer, we would still be AWOL.  For this and your other rather obvious attributes, we thank you, Hot Chick.

So now back to our regularly scheduled programming……

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