Haslam makes it 0-for-3 on Insure TN

Election results are in.

Bend over, Governor. This may hurt a bit.

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The Haslam-backed candidate to replace Haslam ally and former Rep. Ryan Haynes lost last night, bigtime. Karen Carson was defeated by conservative Jason Zachary, 58% – 42%. This despite the active participation of the Haslam-allied state Chambers of Commerce, the financial backing of the Haslam family, the endorsement of the Haslam hometown newspaper and the active backing of Haslam ally Sen. Richard (Dicky) Briggs.

To add insult to injury, the race turned primarily on couple of Haslam-backed issues, the most important of which was InsureTN. Carson was for it, Zachary was against it and the voters gave a big thumbs down to Haslam’s agenda with their vote. The governor’s gas tax gambit also took a direct hit. Zachary was against it and Carson refused to take a clear position (which means she was for it).

Want to go 0-4, Governor? Just try bringing InsureTN up again in the next legislative session and you will get your wish.

Coming Up: Winners and Losers from the special election.

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