Good Job, Jim Wrye!

wrye4-editedThe new membership numbers are in from the National Education Association teachers union and the staff at Tennessee Education Association (TEA) must be celebrating.  The TEA placed  in the Top 5 — top five losers, that is.

Over the last five years, the TEA has lost nearly one out of every three members (28.7%).  Just last year, the TEA lost 9% of their membership.

These are horrific numbers for the troubled labor union.  Word is the TEA tried to pad the numbers by including some positions which had not been included in past.  Regardless of rumors of “cooking the books,” the report that was released was bad enough on its own.

Under the current leadership, look for more of the same.  You can’t staff your organization with Yellow Dog Democrats like Jim Wrye and unrepentant Socialists like Chris Brooks and expect the Republican legislature to play along.


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