Chutzpah, thy name is Maggart.

One of the Rocky Top crew attended the big AFP soiree at Wills Johnston spread
Tuesday night.  There were all kind of activists, political hacks, hangers-on, etc.  Republican Megaphone Steve Gill emceed the event and there was even an appearance by Gov. Scott Walker — one of the 378 people running for the Republican nomination for president.

But what caught the eye of many was the surprise appearance of former Rep. Debra Maggart.  Yeah, that Maggart.  The Maggart of humiliating defeat fame.  The same Maggart who joined a Democrat lobbying firm headed by Tom Lee (loyal RTP readers will remember it was Democrat Lee’s Democrat wife, Laurie, who the Haslam administration used maggart to leak legislators’ private health insurance information in an attempt to exact revenge on those legislators who had the nerve to oppose the governor’s attempt at Obamacare/Medicaid expansion scheme called InsureTN).

Many in the party had long been sharpening their political long knives for Maggart, and here she had just walked right into their midst.  We assume Maggart checked in advance to make sure the cutlery on the buffet table was of the plastic variety — a girl can’t be too careful, ya know.

Maggart seems to possess a certain immunity to the normal social cues that most people would pick up on and realize that they are not wanted and would either leave the scene or not show up at all.  When Maggart roams the halls at LP these days, some Republican legislators will actually duck into doorways or around a corner hallway to avoid having to talk to her.  Clients such as Live Nation should know that they have hired a pariah to be their lobbyist.  Maybe that’s why they have been taking it in the shorts from the StubHub folks.

We hear Rep. Courtney Rogers is going to host a fundraiser soon.  Maybe Maggart will show up there as well.


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