The Klown Kar that is the Haslam Administration


Just a couple of days ago, RTP noted a day of reckoning for Gov. Bill Haslam.   July 13th is “Nathan Bedford Forrest Day” and we wondered if Haslam would sign the required state proclamation honoring the very person whose statue the governor recently said he wanted to remove from the state capitol.

Well as it turns out, at the time when Haslam was genuflecting before the alter of political of correctness, he should have remembered that he had already signed the “We Love Forrest” proclamation just a few days prior to his declaration that Forrest was some sort f bad dude who should be relegated to the janitor’s closet in the new $160 million state history museum.

As you can see below, The July 13th proclamation was actually signed back on June 2nd, which was only days before Haslam’s assertion that a bronze bust of Forrest was somehow a real & present danger to the citizens of Tennessee and the United States.

Uh, remind us again – when exactly does Jim Henry start?

proclmation edited


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