Who the heck is Grant Starrett?



One of RTP’s most reliable tipsters has provided this little political gem.

Some 27-year-old guy named Grant Starrett is running for Congress in the 4th district against Scott DesJarlais.

Fair enough. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise that Des Jarlais would have a credible opponent for the fourth time in as many elections (and Lord knows he’s asked for it each time). But “credible” is the key word here. For starters, Starrett says he is running to the right of Des Jarlais. Is that even possible? That’s like trying to run to the left of Barack Obama – ain’t a whole lot of room over there.

Perhaps the most curious aspect to the Starrett candidacy is where he’s from and how he is funded. Starrett got into the race back in April and promptly announce he had already raised $500,000 for his campaign – an impressive sum. But upon further examination, Starrett wrote his campaign a $250,000 personal check. How many 27 year olds do you know who could stroke a check for a quarter million dollars for a political office?  We have no idea where the rest of his money came from.  His next campaign report is due out this month.

Perhaps the answer lies in the source of such a large disposable income. Most folks in the 4th district will never see $250,000 in one place in their lifetime. But there are places where that kinda dough is plentiful. One of those places is California, specifically Pacific Palisades, CA. And it appears Starrett’s parents, who still live in the family mansion there, are loaded. It’s believed it is their money that is bankrolling young Grant.

Until recently, Starrett called this exclusive enclave in southern California his home. The only reason he is even in Tennessee now is because he went to Vandy Law School a couple of years ago.

And now this Stanford-educated, SoCal trust funder from TinsleTown has picked a Tennessee district to buy himself a seat in Congress –in a district that is about as rural and small town (and so not California) as it gets.

But RTP thinks we should give young Grant a chance.  Who knows?  With a degrees from a couple of expensive schools and a long history living in the Land of Conspicuous Consumption (aka California), maybe Starrett can bring a measure of “California culture” to the backwoods citizens of the 4th district.

The “Brie vs. Barbecue” Congressional race: Could be the most entertaining storyline of the 2016 election season.


[Editor’s note:  Are there others out there who know of/about this young whippersnapper?  Send your info to the RTP Tipline (www.rtptipline@gmail.com) and we will disseminate it to the appropriate muckrakers.]


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