Okay, now y’all just being stupid.

forrest bust

First came Ryan Haynes, who nearly mowed over Mary Mancini in an attempt to capitulate before the altar of political correctness. Then Brave Bill Haslam nearly wet himself trying to get to the head of the parade to prostrate before the thought police.

[Note to Bill: Remember how they taught you back in Sunday School that the measure of character was when you did the right thing when no one was looking? You walked by that bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest nearly every day without saying a damn word. Then the Washington Post and the New York Times demanded an apologia from people who had nothing to do with the tragedy in Charleston, and you suddenly got religion and demanded the state do something you never saw fit to call for in your previous 4+ years in the office. Pitiful – just pitiful.]

Then came Bob “Raise the Federal gas tax” Corker demanding the same thing and we were off to the races. And don’t get us started on WalMart – who never saw a problem selling stuff with the Stars & Bars on it, even while Hillary Clinton sat on their board of directors but never opened her yap about what they were selling until Charleston.

Today, Williamson County got into the “Guilt Tour” by saying they were going to review their county seal. Huh, you say? It seems that buried deep on the seal is a rocking chair that had a Confederate flag drooped across one arm – a homage to the brutal Battle of Franklin. How many of you ever noticed that? Hell, how many of you even knew Williamson County had a seal?

What does it say about the level of the debate when it falls to Ron Ramsey to point out that people appear to have lost their freakin’ minds and are acting in a “knee jerk” manner about the whole flag/bust thing? Ramsey was almost right: people are acting like jerks.

RTP’s favorite commentary came from a local industrialist who sarcastically marveled that he had lived to “see the end of racism” and that all it took was getting rid of the Confederate flag and a bronze bust to accomplish such a historic feat.

You want to make a substantive contribution to ending racism, Governor? Invite some black people to join your country club. As for Bob Corker, how about you encourage your daughters to date more minorities? Maybe then we will start to believe in your attempt to take the moral high ground with your asinine pronouncements.

Until then, Y’all quit acting like jerks and being stupid. It’s embarrassing.

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