Funny, the rest of us feel the same way about your new state logo.

Gov. Haslam on the controversy over the Confederate battle flag and the Nathan Bedford Forrest bust in the state capitol:

“I feel like that that Confederate battle flag is something that I think people are ready to see move to museums” Haslam said Tuesday after an event south of downtown Nashville.

Brave Bill also wants to remove the bust of Forrest from the State Capitol building.  We wonder if the governor also wants to shut down and/or change the name of the Nathan Bedford Forrest elementary school in Chapel Hill?

forrest school






Or how about Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park In Benton County?

forrest park


See, this is what happens when you react to a major tragedy by playing politically correct politics.  We hear that the governor wants to ban anything and anyone that refers to the Confederacy.

No comment yet from Rep. Steve McDaniel.  steve-mcdaniel-at-parkers


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